Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Tale of Two Jessies

I stumbled upon this photo this evening scrambling through my diary searching for school term dates.  Yes, only two weeks in and I'm already counting down to Easter holidays.  Little wonder the years pass so quickly.

These are my great grandparents, parents of my Dad's mother, Jessie.  I've been tucking it away in a diary every year for a few now, waiting to have it framed and put on the wall.  It is undoubtedly one of my favourite images, they look so happy.  And my great grandfather is a dead ringer for my Dad.  Look at those hands, what stories this couple could share.  Sadly, I never had the opportunity to know them, but how I'd love to sit down for a cuppa and a chat.

I've searched every USB stick I can find for another favourite photo, one of my beloved grandmother Jessie, sitting barefoot on a beach bench, my young dad by her side.  Undoubtedly I'll find it in days to come and will share it then.  She was the youngest of eleven for this couple above.

My own Jessie turned thirteen today.  The first birthday of any of my children that I've not been present for.  Sarah has been fortuitous these past two years of boarding school with her birthday falling on the weekend.  I hadn't realised how much it meant, but have shed a few quiet tears today.

Thankfully Nanny was able to take them out for coffee this afternoon.  And  share this photo.
I'll have them home tomorrow evening.  Happy Thirteenth Birthday my beautiful long haired girl.
I can't wait til tomorrow.


  1. look at how happy they are, mum might have shed a tear but the girls look pretty happy. Gorgeous things they are :) What concocted delight are you planning on whipping up to celebrate?

    Poor Kate - her birthday is 29th Jan and it always falls in the first/early days of school. Will be fun next year....

  2. ps your great grandmother looked like a terribly jolly woman :)

  3. Oh Happy Birthday to Jessie! That's a great photo of the two big girls out for coffee with Nanny. Uncanny how alike your Dad is like his Grandfather. Enjoy this week-end.

  4. That must be very hard for you all - hoping there is a hugely happy reunion and lots of warm hugs :). Your older Jesse photo is very tender ... I love gnarled hands.

  5. What a beautiful shot of your girls. Such wonder and excitement in their young eyes.
    I love my sisters so much, I hope your girls grow even closer as the years roll on x

  6. And now you've brought tears to my eyes too...



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