Sunday, 16 February 2014

Feeling the Burn

Jess received her 'Bunsen Burner' licence this week in science class.  I chuckled when she told me she was one of the limited number of students who'd actually struck a match before in their lives.

Wallace and Sally have had ample opportunity this weekend to hone their skills.

Windrows resulting from recent stickraking just waiting to be burnt.

Surrounded by green grass and water, and the possibility of further rain later this week, the timing was just right.

I'll be throwing pumpkin seeds in the remaining ash come the end of the week.

It's wonderful to be hearing reports of rain falling in some of those areas that have previously missed out.  Hopefully the gaps will continue to close in as the week progresses.


  1. It's been pouring here all day and I've been hoping that those who need it most are receiving a good lot too.
    Do pumpkins do well in the fire ash?

  2. Wow it is looking beautiful and green. When I read the first part I was thinking well a licence for something that involves fire, Jess should ace that. The following photos just explain why. Love the pics.

  3. Hello there Australia!

    As my snow falls (started before we woke; due to go at least until we wake tomorrow morning!), I'm very happy to see your beautiful green photos.

    Unbelievable re a/ kids not having struck a match and b/ needing a bunsen burner licence. Where's the fun in a kid's life these days? My dad was a science teacher and used to teach us explosions at home; in fact, when I went home at Christmas, he was showing the grandkids how to blow up milo tins in the back garden.

    Coincidentally, a younger friend asked me last night about candles and matches; she only ever uses a cigarette lighter. But I'm firmly of the belief that the more basic we go, the happier we are... creating (even fire) from scratch is the most fun and brings the most sense of achievement!

    Good on you Fiona for giving your kids the best of Australian childhood - and for sharing it so beautifully with the world.

    Have a great week, from my snow to your green,

  4. I didn't realise there was such as thing as a Bunsen burner licence... this made me chuckle a little but isn't it tragic that we need such licences in the first thing? Your photos are beautiful Fiona, I very much enjoy all your posts. Do pumpkin seeds grow well on ash? Christina

  5. look at the green. drizzle here all day, and (hopefully) settling in drizzling for the night .....

    1. Great news. let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. That's a song you are probably to young to remember.

  6. You made me laugh about the comment that some kids have never lit a match .... living in suburbia, now, I am amazed at the sheltered lifestyle of some of the kids' friends. Having said that, fire is a dirty word down here right now!

  7. I'm happy to admit my children have never lit a match. If I let any of mine light a red-head, I'll end up with a bunch of arsonists on my hands. We only use matches at birthdays having no real need for them otherwise. I'm glad to see some green grass in your neck of the woods. The drought has been crippling.

  8. I just realised you have a new header….a bit slow! Lovely!
    Fi, you must be pinching yourselves with that green carpet x

  9. A bunsen burner licence! I guess that means they won't be as reckless with them as we were - the back of the classroom experiments with bunsen burners were always quit exciting! I worked on the principle that if I made our children light things with matches then there'd be no need for them to smuggle a box to their bedroom and set fire to their bedding.

  10. Look how GREEN it is a your place... wonderful! We are still waiting (trying to be patient) for some Summer rain... had to also say CONGRATS on your Rural Press Qld Media award for Social media. Fantastic!!



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