Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Morning

I couldn't let my girls head back to school early this morning without first pulling out the camera.  After a weekend of birthday celebration, para grass planting and a rather damp day-trip to Bottle Tree, they enjoyed a hearty feast of thick pork sausages and eggs for Monday morning breakfast and were set on their way ready for another big week of learning.

Note to self:  don't make your subjects face into the bright morning sun.  Though I don't think it was as bad as they made out.

I'm so fortunate that we live close enough to town that I can see these girls regularly.  Plenty of Mums and Dads aren't so lucky, and I can only imagine how tough it is for them.  Here's to a wonderful school week for all.


  1. Sarah is very elegant with her sock bun (is that what its called?) Lovely crisp uniform...yegads do they do their own ironing?
    Who takes them back to school each Monday? it would be an early start to get there in time for school, or is their start a more traditional 9am? (thinking of our boarding schools, the kids have to be back by 8am)

  2. so nice to have them home for the weekend..................nice uniforms..............

  3. Your two eldest look very smart in their uniforms. it must have been so lovely to have them home for the weekend. x

  4. What beautiful girls, young ladies. Well the morning light made lovely photos anyway.

  5. Oh that is such lovely news, I thought you only saw them in the school hols. What a treat x

  6. They are so gorgeous Fiona! I'm feeling the maternal pride. So lovely they have each other at School. This and your previous 2 Posts have made me cry, I can just imagine how you must feel looking at these, I see the Mr is sporting a new beard. Not warm enough up there? x

  7. Congratulations on your award Fiona, I saw it on twitter. Awesome!! We (my farmer and I) enjoy your blog as our lives run incredibly parallel. Kids, cattle and chaos (and camera). Congrats again, Nat.



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