Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sally ... diminutive of Sarah

My first born daughter and last born daughter are very similar.  Not only in appearance with their dark hair and eyes,

but also very much in personality and characteristics.

Had I availed myself of a baby name book at the time I was having babies, I'd have learned that Sally is defined as the diminutive of Sarah, or at least a variation of that name.  Which is exactly how it's turned out to be.

Though I often wonder if Sally's slightly more gregarious personality is a result of genetics or perhaps birth order, the baby of the family seeming to learn early how to get their way.  Something about the squeaky wheel getting the oil springs to mind.  I remember explaining to Sally at age five whilst she demanded to sit on my lap, that when Sarah was her age, she had three younger siblings and rarely had an opportunity to sit on Mum's lap, nor even get a look-in with Mum.  I'm sure five year old Sally reflected deeply on these words.

I find it rather fascinating to observe my children with their shared genetics and marvel at their vast differences.  We focus so much effort on choosing the best genetic crosses with our cattle, yet naturally the variations in the product are going to be as great as those within our own offspring.

But I digress.  Sarah's love of all animals, but in particular dogs has been no secret.  Ruby, her pride and joy has never been far from her side, and now it seems Sally has formed a similar attachment with Amy, daughter of Ruby.

They've been spotted recently enjoying all manner of fun.

I think every kid deserves to know a dog's love.


  1. am not sure that Ruby was entirely cooperative about the whole bike ride excursion ;-)

    But I too find it fascinating... middle child here is like chalk and cheese to the other two (is like a miniature version of my mother, although am pretty sure my mother was not a ratbaggy and that its the influence my aunt's genetics!) The boy child walks JUST like his father, and even squints like him too although hasn't the same vision problems (learned or genetic?!!) and the oldest is pretty much all dad as well. All of my kids love their pets, but Georgie particularly has always been a lover of animals of all kinds.

    Of course, any bad behaviour and weird character traits always come from their fathers side, don't you find?! ;-)

  2. I think it's lucky that I'm the oldest of 12 children so I've always been accustomed to watching family genes at work, or I could be quite alarmed about where the hell my youngest child came from. How on earth did I raise a child with so many talents, who is so scarily capable and efficient in everything she does? It's a very random gene that hasn't revealed itself in any of her siblings but is there is one of her many cousins. It's a fascinating topic. As always your photos are delightful.

  3. It is amazing how the same genetics can create so many variances. I look ant me and my siblings, we are all so different yet there are things the same. My youngest sister is like a combination of myself and the next youngest. It is strange to see her at 16 and see part of myself at that age, mind you that is behaviours more than anything as in looks we are very different. Lovely post and beautiful green colour there in the background.

  4. I loved this post Fi. I'm going to send the link to my dad, we call his dog "the sixth child", he eats better than most adults!
    How special for your girls to share these similarities x

  5. My Grandma used to always say she felt sorry for kids who weren't allowed to have a dog. I tend to agree with her, they're pretty special companions. Lovely Post :-)



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