Friday, 7 March 2014

Bits and Pieces

I'm sitting hospital bedside today.  Nothing serious ... though Wallace may beg to differ.

His super healthy baby molars just haven't been prepared to give up their positions to their permanent molar big brothers, causing all manner of pain as the permanents try to bully their way through.  He's had five rather unceremoniously removed this morning, which he's hopeful will get him out of some branding action this weekend.  And may also prompt Mum into some custard and jelly making.

On the homefront we've welcomed Buttercup to the fold this week.

And what a sweetheart she is.  Undoubtedly more photos to follow.  She's had a couple of days at the yards, learning to negotiate her feeding station.  At eleven years of age, Priscilla's udder is huge and rather low to the ground, tricky for a newborn, though Buttercup has mastered the art quite quickly.  I've frozen fifteen litres of colostrum and look forward to enjoying some real milk next week.

One could be mistaken for thinking with only two children in the house, baking would be a breeze.

Not so, when one desires Carrot Cake, the other will only eat Chocolate.
Spoilt much?

Approaching her ninth birthday, my beloved Ella is showing some signs of ageing.  We bought her a new memory-foam mattress this week.  She won't have a bar of it.

The ride-on mower broke down at the end of last year.  Push mowing wasn't such a chore while it was still dry.

The team are starting to jack up though now that the grass is growing a little quicker.

Sarah made all of her siblings boxer shorts for Christmas.  Coupled with an inexpensive singlet, it was a great gift.  She's inherited her mother's non-perfectionist attitude, which will stand her in good stead for a life of near enough is good enough (at least when it comes to sewing/painting/cooking)!

We're watching the skies again with another low in the Coral Sea, all hopeful of a little more of the wet stuff.  The wet season's been very disappointing, no water rain at Bottle Tree resulting in dry dams.  Not a good feeling at this time of year.

Must be time for another coffee, this hospital stuff's fairly taxing.  Happy weekend.


  1. Poor Wallace, ouch.
    You are a great mum, jelly is a fantastic idea! I remember having oral surgery as a teenager and waking with a mouth full of blood after the surgery.Horrible!
    Your cakes looks delicious, are you keen to post the recipes? Love a good carrot cake.

  2. Oh dear, no fun Mum! Sending good thoughts and prayers Wallace's way!
    Congrats to Sarah, what a lovely thought, much appreciated I am certain by her sisters.
    A (slightly damp) hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  3. Buck up Wallace, it will all be worthwhile in the long run mate.
    Last night about 11pm there was a huge ruckus on the back porch. Corby was barcking and trying to jump off his chain causing a heck of a ruckus.
    When I checked there was a large adult echidna trying to find its way across the patio. I think it was probably looking for water.
    Things are dry.

  4. Poor Wallace. He is braver than me, I've been putting off removing my molars for 6 months. I had two done when I was 20 and my face blow up like a tick, so not too keen to go back there yet, i'd rather put up with the extra fangs x

  5. ps: those cakes look delish and I've given up sugar for Lent so i'm salivating.
    ….and "Priscilla", just love her name i'd love to be a fly on the wall when you are picking all your bovine names x

  6. Poor Wallace! I hope he is not in agony. The boxer shorts look perfect to me, a great present indeed. Annie once fixed a hole in jeans with her sewing machine by just folding the fabric and sew around it. It was nearly good enough, the jeans did no longer fit because she was very generous with her "seam allowance". Priscilla is a great name for a cow. I assume the colostrum is for calves that don't feed well? Cx

  7. Poor Wallace. One of my girls has the opposite problem - she still has two of her baby teeth (at 26) with no permanent teeth to come through. Buttercup is gorgeous.
    With you and Sarah - mostly in life, near enough is good enough.

  8. Yay for the calf. We freeze colostrum too, you never know when you will need it!

  9. Bet Wallace is relishing the extra attention and care being lavished upon him at Nanny's as well!

    With two lows bearing down on us, surely we will get some rain? Never has a wet season produced SO many lows and monsoonal trough and yet so little wretched rain.

    Perhaps we will have to break ou - heaven forbid - the naked rain dance....

  10. Seriously, you are such a good Mum with your 2 cakes and having sewing abilities to be able to teach your Kids that skill. Poor Wallace, having 5 teeth pulled at once is pretty big! x

  11. You know me always late to comment…poor Wallace, when I was his age I had the same thing done, 5 teeth removed to make more room…I can't believe these weather patterns, they are just not playing the game! very frustrating indeed!



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