Sunday, 9 March 2014

Celebrating Gender Equality

We didn't realise it was International Women's Day yesterday when we headed to Bottle Tree to check fences and brand a few calves.

'Twas an all-girl  team ...

except for Dad of course.

With Wallace still recuperating, we were grateful to have a friend of Sarah's visiting for the weekend to help.

Some cows apparently didn't get the memo that calving was meant to end at Christmas.

Perhaps a late calf is better than no calf.

Especially when as cute as this.

The girl team's enjoying a slower-paced day today with drizzle in these parts most welcome.  Baking's in progress, movies are being watched, kitchen cupboard doors still being painted.

And Dad's on the dozer.
Being a girl most certainly has its advantages some days.


  1. so you are embracing the door free style of kitchen are you? Geez that would take some maintaining, keeping the shelves all tidy and straight all of the time!

    The girls would have enjoyed their boy free time...and Matthew? surrendered to the inevitable and waiting for the days for some manly, blokey bloke son in laws arrive?!

  2. Hey I wanted to let you know I've mentioned your blog on my latest blog post :) If you wanted to have a look (it's all nice, I promise!) this is the link:

  3. A lovely series of photos. Love the cattle!

  4. The calf is absolutely adorable! But the Bull? He's a very big boy isn't he? Hope by now you have your kitchen cupboard doors finished and back on their hinges. I want to paint ours but I'm a bit worried about the length of time they'll be sitting in the shed while Flynn enjoys re-arranging things in the Kitchen.....x



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