Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Dog's Life

The hardest part about being a working dog ...

isn't the riding in the back of the ute,

nor educating recalcitrant weaners .

The hardest part ...

is waiting your turn.


  1. Love it. not just hard for dogs… 3 year old Henry has a new name, "the threenager". The 3 year old teenager who wants everything NOW.

  2. So lovely and soft and sweet! Thank you for a cheery note to the world (much needed on a very grey, very wet Alpine day). Ali

  3. send that impatient dog up here, I have a mob of poddies that give recalcitrant a whole new meaning, especially when they've broken into the shed (AGAIN) to help themselves to a feed of the good stuff. Wally the wonder dog lays down in front of them so they can lick his belly so he's of no use, and Sally (the old girl with a walking stick) is normally found rounding up cats as opposed to calves....

    1. Oh Sharon thanks for the picture you paint. It brings a smile to my face. Hopefully you can keep the poddies out of the feed shed in the future.

  4. Love these photos ... I think waiting is hard for dogs ... and people.

  5. Thanks for the smile inducing post, Fiona. If I can just keep your images in my head, I know I will have a happy day.



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