Monday, 21 April 2014

The Easter Edition

We've managed to pack a fair bit into this Easter break, including various threats of the Easter Bunny not coming if behaviour wasn't altered during the first half to confiscation of Easter eggs if behaviour wasn't altered from Sunday on.

This kid may have been in the thick of the behavioural issues.  Then she hands over a little gem such as this and all is forgiven.  Of course a little spelling lesson ensued.

Easter began with timber cutting.

It was hot.  And hard work.

Grateful for the gloves my beloved gave me for our last wedding anniversary.  He knows the way to a woman's heart.

The above photo shows how barking should happen.  With sap flowing, the bark will simply pop off with a few taps from the crowbar.  Below shows a more stubborn example which saps energy and tests tempers.

With our timber quota filled by lunch time Good Friday we decided an invitation up the road for a spot of fishing and relaxation simply couldn't be passed over.

And though fish were in short supply, good company was in abundance.

We came home with one mud crab to enjoy, and having left the pots in overnight, our friends collected another five next day.

With troops recharged we headed to Bottle Tree Saturday to start a spot of weaning.

My beloved Tamron lens finally gave up the ghost over the weekend, years of misuse and dusty conditions finally catching up with it.  Still usable with manual focus, we struggled on.

Easter Monday has dawned with the boys heading back to Bottle Tree early, washing machine's humming and girls are packing.  I'm rocking slowly in a corner in denial.  The holidays have been productive ... and full ... and fun.  The drive back to school this afternoon won't be.


  1. Thinking of you Fiona. I hope the term flies by and your girls are back home for school holidays again.x

  2. Had to laugh out loud about the working gloves! Could be my husband. As always great fotos.

  3. LOL I love the glove present. As least it's a practical gift.

  4. no, not Sally, she wouldn't be a naughty one! Mind you her spelling is far superior than the girl of like age here, who wrote a letter to the Ester Buny, quite concerned that our Gest would miss out on eggs if we didn't let him know. And also could give that tooth Fairy a gee up, its been FIVE nights and she still hasn't been to take possession of a recently lost tooth . (I tell you those upper level winds and all of the airforce activity over near Perth make things tricky for her!!)

    I have to note that the country is looking TERRIBLY fresh down there after your rains. Also not looking forward to school starting (one thing its back to 9am starts) and lunch making....nor the months ahead. Being up that certain creek without a paddle will be coming around much much earlier this year.....

  5. I was lucky to recieve some lovely fresh Atlantic Salmon and a beautiful slab of Longtail Tuna over Easter which i cooked in my Aldi oven. Now I wouldn't normally boast, except Manu happened to be passing by so I gave him a taste and he said, "Neville this is magnificent, I give you an eleven!".

  6. great pictures…time just seems to be flying by we schooled through spring break but I tell ya I am ready for summer vacation! ~I hope you can fix that lens I know I always worry about my camera as well since it is always outside with me. I try to clean it often but the dust really gets everywhere. Happy Easter ~Heather

  7. What a sweet Easter card and as always your pictures are just beautiful!

  8. I just love looking at what you have produced by looking through a lens. Your Easter sounds busy but nice especially with that bit of relaxing by the water.

  9. I know you'd kick me in the butt for saying this, but I'd kill for boarding school to be an option here!
    10 weeks of no back chat, no fights, no smelly toilet, no homework, no lunches, no washing…..hmmmm….sounds fab to me. But I'm sure that would wear off and I'd miss them ?!?!

    Glad you had a nice Easter together though xxx

  10. Some people would pay a lot of money for a holiday made up of your hard work.
    How lovely to all be together like that and your kids will have such a great work ethic and truly appreciate the joy of being at home in their big family.

  11. Looks like a wonderful Easter Fiona! Except for the de-barking - that log has frustration written all over it!!! Lovely photos as always.....Mel x PS Are we not loving Instagram? :-)



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