Sunday, 27 April 2014

This Weekend ...

we welcomed Poppy to the fold.  Born on Anzac Day.

Her mother Olivia, so protective of her beautiful newborn Jersey girl, has become somewhat the Toro Bravo.  Pawing at the ground in such comical fashion each time I go near her that I can't help but giggle.  And the more I laugh the more dust she raises.

This girl and I spent some special mother-daughter-trigonometry time.  Why nearly fifteen year olds can't appreciate the beauty and purity of mathematics simply floors me.  It would seem that Year Ten is more difficult than Year Nine.  School's not meant to be fun Sare, nor life meant to be easy.

We managed to roll some old fence ... in anticipation of new.

While the boys ripped and split ... making posts for the new fenceline which will go in this week.

We found time to enjoy the weaners,

all but finish the budget kitchen reno,

and retrieved an old, mildewed dresser from the shed in readiness for a makeover.

The big fella's taking a week off work ...

... for we've work to do.


  1. Sarah, just quietly while I didn't mind trigonometry at school, I don't think I've used it since. (although I hear it could be handy for shed building). Pi and all its derivatives are however a handy thing to remember. Lucky you have a math and science minded mother to help you out!

    Still marvelling at the green down your way. Our surprise inch of rain last week and then the drizzle that followed has done wonderful things in freshening things up.

    Why are all of your photos of the Big Fella have him sitting down?! ;-) I see that bearded look has been cultivated for the more mature, distinguished look. (well if George Clooney can pull it off, I suppose its not too bad?!)

    I look very much forward to seeing the dresser spruced up, a bit of time with the gurni and it will be greatly improved without even lifting a paint brush! Also looking forward to the big kitchen reveal, marvellous what a little bit of effort and not much $$ can do to make a huge difference!

  2. Can't wait to see the dresser done up!!

  3. Looks like a productive week-end. I keep telling my kids about the trendy new term 'staycation' and how each week-end we live one!

  4. Fiona, thank you for a beautiful post. The colours all seem opposite to my spring colours here. The ski lifts closed for the season yesterday - and now we have snow forecast all week. No complaints from me! - but meanwhile, the colours of all your photos (including those gorgeous mugs peeking through the cupboard) did delight me. Have a great week, Ali of Ze Alps

  5. Ahh, Poppy . . Such a perfect name for her. I look forward to the dresser reveal, always love seeing the different things creative folk do with old bits and pieces. Lovely to see your greenery!

  6. Such a pretty calf and a lovely name too. I am marvelling at the neat hairplait, wow. And wondering how on earth you find time to pack so much in. Are your days longer than ours?

  7. A beautiful wee calf! I also love your mildewed dresser, it will look great once polished and useful, too. I have a dresser like it, with an old mirror on top. Maths is not my thing and I have already given up helping my 13 year old. Actually, he has given up asking me or help! Have a great week Fiona. xx

  8. Trickynometry ain't that hard, just remember, "The sum of the squaw on the hippopotamus hide is equal to the sum of the squaws on the other two hides."

  9. Poppy is just so sweet, and a fitting choice of name too.
    You'll have to share a bit more of that kitchen of yours. The little snippet looks lovely. x

  10. i'm coveting that dresser Fi. what are you going to do with it??? I love a good project. I actually like it as is! x



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