Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Bit of a Jumble

This made me smile when I walked back in the house after this morning's school run.

"Franklin", designed by Sally (and possibly fashioned after 'Wilson' having recently all watched 'Castaway' together) adorning the calendar, complete with this week's times tables.  Franklin originated in the mountainous mulch pile, as yet still unspread.

My new office nook has functioned well this week,

with two BASs finally completed.  My attempts to keep this area tidy thwarted by the presence of caps and boots.

And this afternoon, in preparation for a Mother's Day morning tea tomorrow,

some Honey Jumbles.

Fortunately, extras were made for the ever-hungry children who's biggest meal of the day seems to be afternoon smoko.


  1. Hehe I love Franklin ... is he good at times tables? Those honey jumbles look good. Sounds like it is busy at your place.

  2. Hi Fiona, what a nice surprise to see so many blogs. You have just really brightened my day! Please keep on blogging.

  3. This is Gold Fiona! Made me smile :-) Love the windows in your nook. Enjoy your morning tea tomorrow x

  4. 1. new header and a yet unseen photo of YOU, you hot mama. Holy smoley. No wonder The Big Fella is trying to keep up, with the George Clooney look. Or a rough biker look (just add bandana) as the need arises?
    2. Great mind think alike? I have a desk earmarked for a transformation and ever-so-slight surgery, for my own "nook" for homework and laptop, which in theory will leave the Office desk tidy, organised and for all things officey. My biggest trouble is getting someone to perform the surgery....
    3. They go to school with lunch of their choosing -not enough if you ask me...however, we have negotiated a compromise where they take the bare minimum but its mum approved. The result is them eating house and home after school and alllll afternoon....

  5. What is it about children after school and trying to fill them up.

  6. Great idea to fashion "Franklin" out of some wooden bit!



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