Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Favourite

As a result of having two older sisters, and not much older at that, this girl has a cupboard brimming with clothes.  This week saw yet another spring clean, moving out the old and making room for the new.  At least new to Sally.
A pile of at least a dozen long-sleeved workshirts remain, too good to pass along, yet no chance of all being worn.
Particularly when it would seem that she only ever wears this one.

I only made the connection looking back through some photos.

The least colourful.

Least pretty.

Least feminine.

But given to her by a wonderful, beautiful neighbour, one formerly belonging to one of her grandchildren.

You'll be very pleased to know Beryl that the shirt's getting plenty of wear.
As for this lot,

I think they'll be outgrown before they're out-worn.


  1. I think it might be the shirt I would choose to love, too. It looks cosy and I like the colours. Sally is such a beautiful young woman, she really is. I like clothes that have been loved by somebody else before, I very rarely have to buy clothes and I am glad for it. x

  2. I totally understand a favourite, I have a cotton jumper that is over 20 years old, soooo comfy.
    Lots of rural families are doing it very tough, when you are ready to hand them on, maybe the "dormy" at your girls school might know some good new homes for them,sometimes even paying the fees is a big struggle, so clothes for growing girls goes way down" the list"

  3. You take such beautiful photos Fiona and how lovely to capture the stories behind the photos on your blog.

  4. totally the same here, we are so fortunate to get hand me downs, and with the girls reasonably close in age and size I too have to keep on top of the clothing ins and outs. Currently a great pile waiting my attention, Georgie does not need 20 pairs of shorts nor t shirts - and her favoured workshirt is not the pretty striped one either but the dark checked one (but perhaps better for hiding the dirt stains!). However if it were me, my selection out of Sal's pile would be the pretty striped ones!

  5. too cute...we tend to stick with our favorites around here too...and i wonder why we have closets full of clothes? :)

  6. That's so lovely Fiona, that she appreciates the sentiment behind the T-shirt handed down by a dear neighbour. It's a great looking top though too! Unfortunately my boys have favourite tops that I can't get them out of, but they are of the stock standard BIGW flannelette variety. sigh. x

  7. My boys do the same. Their cousins are in their 20's now and it seems like I have been holding on to these big hand-me-downs for ever. But they do come in handy specially being on a farm. My eldest wears his and somehow he always hooks them getting through the barb wire fence and after patch on patch on patch till sometimes there is very little of the original shirt left. My younger son wears his till it is either too tight to wear or till there is no thread left to hold it on his shoulders. The joys and love of hand me downs - we wouldn't have much of a wardrobe with out them.

  8. argh! we've just gone through our cupboards too. I find rooms are messier when they have too many clothes and it's hard to jam all of their belongings in cupboards, so they live out of the clothes basket. enough I said! clear some space!



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