Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chicken and Vegetables

My vegetable garden's been sorely neglected of late.  Down to only one chook in the chook house meant I was short of vege garden scratchers and diggers.  I secured four more odd-bods when a family recently moved from the district,

a more diverse selection of chooks you wouldn't see.

But they can scratch and so the moveable chook pen is again in action.

The pumpkin vines which come up with gay abandon everywhere are usually removed, though I've left one and am madly breaking off runners as they appear through the fence.

Silver beet is still on the menu, such a hit with the kids.

I love the flavour and am happy to throw a giant handful in a pan of stir-fry.  They manage to draft it off to the side, and back to the chook pen it goes in the scrap bucket.

Recent seedling plantings have met with quick approval from whatever nocturnal vegetarians are about.

Though they seem not too keen on Chinese cabbage.  One tomato plant has survived, as have a handful of broccoli, the coriander and shallots.

A new row of fruit trees are doing well,

new shoots abounding.

Fifteen unexpected but glorious millimetres of rain yesterday will certainly help their progress.


  1. My dad grew silver beet in abundance and I've never gotten over it. Silverbeet and chokos. x

  2. Oh I envy you even if you have some hungry critter eating your seeding. I would love for something to grow well in the vege department. I have managed to keep basil and chives alive, oh and the mint that comes back and back and back again. The rest is iffy. I have hope for my tomato plants although I lost two to the gardener's whipper snipper. The lettuce and cabbage are still alive and so is one of the six bean plants, although I got another lot to sprout. I chucked pumpkin scraps in the garden for some mulch and amazingly they shot, every blinking seed I think, that should be interesting in our tiny garden. Chooks, I wish. Silverbeet... can I have your kids' share? Fruit trees, oh for a big enough yard. I hope nothing else comes for tasty treats from your garden during the night.

  3. sigh...I haven't planted any veges for year, mostly not because of any marsupial diet supplementation, but the birds. Bower birds, crows, lousy jacks, all take great delight in razoring any seedlings to ground level. I am still waiting for the mesh enclosure....

    And, there is a pirate ship built over/on my garden beds.

    Could you share more of your mobile chook run please? How/when do you move it? Inquiring minds would love to know.

  4. Love love love your new girls! I would like to see more chicken posts :) Love your veges too.

  5. how lovely. I haven't really had any veggies for 2 years now. The new big shed purpose built for the solar panels has gone on top of where the old shed, veggie garden and chookyard was. We've been thinking we'll get those corrugated iron rounded above ground ones. they are pretty expensive so the planning for the right number needs to be precise!



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