Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Old Pig

"Old Pig and Granddaughter have lived together for a long time. They share everything, including the chores, until the day when Old Pig does not get up as usual for breakfast".
"Old Pig ... Margaret Wild"

Our beloved Mama Pig is feeling her age.  It won't be long until her daughter Daisy takes her place as head of pig breeding operations.  The circle of life continues, though sometimes with a tinge of sadness.


  1. She looks kind, her eyes look soft. Beautiful mama pig <3

  2. Lovely old mama pig.
    The eyelashes get me every time.

  3. Nice old girl, looks pretty content though, with the little ones around her. Mind you, some days, I reckon I know how she feels.

    Perhaps an extra bucket of vege scraps might be slipped her way.

  4. She looks happy with life for now. I'd say a long life, well lived.

  5. How old is she? Must admit it was a sad day when our Mama pig was finally dispatched, after raising well over a hundred piglets. Even Bill declared we wouldn't use her for sausages (though we did sell her carcase to a butcher, so someone did). Heartless farmers.



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