Monday, 5 May 2014

Our Sunday

A cool Sunday morning calls not only for coats for to be pulled from cupboards, but also a hearty feast of golden pancakes.

  And while coats were ditched by eight o'clock the pancakes filled a void until at least ten.

With Matthew's leave from 'work' coming to an end yesterday, we've managed to kick a few goals over the past week.

While Dad and I played with fences, kids played with weaners.

Working them through gateways, where even wires aren't yet run.

And what's on my agenda today?

This pile of mulch, kindly delivered by workmen currently felling and mulching along the highway doesn't appear to be going to spread itself.


  1. What a nice looking fence line and also how pretty the area is looking with its green tinge still on.

  2. funny how Matthew's "holiday" seems to mean a great deal more work, and dirty bummed jeans (that ground in dirt and oil never ever washes out does it?!) for you....

    Moisture still in the soil, what a lovely sight and smell it must be.

    And I am in great admiration of your mulch pile! What a score! Do hope the loader is operational, how handy that The Big Fella is now back at work so you have free reign at it!

  3. That's a big pile of mulch to spread Fiona! Your pancakes look really perfect, I bet they went down a treat. I just love to see the photos of your busy days. I have to admit I do feel rather lazy/guilty sitting on my bed reading about your hard work. Have a lovely week. x

  4. Hefty fencing. Deliciously light looking pancakes.

  5. So much productivity!!! I'm in awe. Such a shame the garden can't mulch itself :-)

  6. Every picture tells a story - and the clotheslinewith the jeans...yep, that tells me the tale. I also love, love the fenceline images.

  7. Your quite the photographer, you clever chook. Great pics x



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