Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sawdust Sunday

If there's something I've learnt over the past few weeks while we've been fencing ...

it's that sawdust is the devil's sprinkle.

It fills your pockets, as well as your nostrils and slyly works its way down from your jeans band to your socks, filling crevices everywhere in between.


It infiltrates socks, clogs washing machine filters and covers bathroom floors.

But the thing about sawdust ... is the timber left behind does make a beautiful fence.


  1. oh it's just like the bits of hay when doing feed mixes......OMG............everyone was ordered to shake all cloothes outside and empty pockets and the washing machine was not coping....................

  2. ooh, is that a new (or partially?) house yard fence I spy? At least you haven't had to travel to far home for dinner.

    Big Fella looking more grizzled than carefully groomed and manscaped at the moment....sawdust would go nicely in a beard I would imagine, if it manages to make its way into one socks.

    Quite like spear grass seed actually. It manages to infiltrate ones clothing very stealthily as well. Until it finds a delicate target, its not uncommon to see a grown man suddenly stop and drop his daks in the middle of a paddock to relocate the offending seed.

  3. And sawdust is the same everywhere! I've just swept up a trail from the door to where Bill takes off his clothes and that was just from cutting down one tree.

  4. Just re-visited this post. I thought you'd said sawdust is the devil's spittle!! Would have agreed with you anyway. It does get everywhere, doesn't it?



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