Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Some Pretty Things

for a Tuesday.

This blouse, hanging on my bedroom door awaiting a town trip.

Another old casement window frame salvaged from the shed and 'faffed'  with.

This cushion given to me by my boy for Mother's Day.

And Blossom.  Final addition to the milking herd for 2014.

Because sometimes it's nice to appreciate the pretty in our lives ... especially when feeling weighed down with dirt, denim and manure.


  1. Blossom, what a beautiful name :) LOVE that lacy blouse!

  2. that blouse!! quite boho! Was it made specifically as a top or cut from a preloved table linen? We must see it on! Love the scarf pairing as well.

    Also feeling terribly slack as I have no done anything with my frames at all. (total lack of creativity). The treatment of this one brilliant! can't tell, is there glass in it?

    Blossom is a bit cute too!

    And you say you aren't creative...

  3. Lots of pretty here! Love the top and Blossum too x

  4. I absolutely love your casement window frame. Very pretty pictures and I hope life eases up for you.

  5. Bet you will feel a million dollars when you step out in that pretty top. Love the old window frame, unique and creative. And the pretty calf - too cute!

  6. Oh that blouse is stunning, did you make it?
    Little blossom looks adorable, though I do think there's a bit of cheekiness in that face. x

  7. Blossom has such a sweet face and that top is indeed very pretty. So nice to see all your pretty. It cheers everyone up!

  8. A real life photo on the wall? I still haven't done that. I love your Blossom!!! She has such a sweet face. Hope you are getting some down time....Mel x



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