Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday on my Mind

There's something about fresh flowers in the house that make you smile every time you walk past.

The breakfast crew weren't so keen on having to reach around the foliage,

Sarah's head in hands exactly as I feel at many of our meal-times.

A hearty start to a Sunday that saw a variety of projects tackled.

 I managed to slap a coat of paint on my bedroom while the team brought in some heifers for treatment and Dad re-configured lucerne irrigation.  While the girls and I worked cattle, the boys cut more timber.

And at some stage of the day Jess found time for some selfies on my camera.

A packet of rogue marshmallows in the back of the pantry has been troubling the children for some time.  Late this afternoon they lit up a pile of sticks especially gathered for such a purpose and attempted to roast some marshmallows.  With darkness descending and flames still leaping it was decided a smarter option to wait until after tea when hopefully the fire's ferocity might have dimmed.

Some flushed-faced youngsters have just returned to the house.  A lovely Sunday had by all.


  1. Nothing better than finishing a Sunday well lived with a roaring fire and toasted marshmallows. I hope there are no singed eyebrows! x

  2. Just gorgeous Fiona, words & pics. Gives a fine sense of your Sunday.

    I agree re fresh flowers making one smile each and every time we pass. I picked spring wildflowers along the river last night at 11pm on the way home from dinner. Now in a jug on the table, and although they don't smell like I bet your lilies do, they sure make me smile each and every time I see them.

    Wishing you a great week, Ali

  3. That's a mighty fire, Fiona, but not so mighty as your ability to paint your bedroom in the midst of a busy day. Love your work! x

  4. You're gorgeous photos and stories about your life always makes me look forward so much to the day when I'm filling my own farmhouse with children. Beautiful. And yes, fresh flowers really does make an enormous difference!

  5. Beautiful post Fiona, great images. Wow Jess is a stunner! Never let her touch those eyebrows of hers! Wish I could come for breakfast at your place, sure does look hearty. Still so very envious of your life!

  6. Beautiful! Looks and sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday! Your efficiency continues to astound me but also gives me a bit of hope that my energy levels will return when the Kids get a bit older....Mel x

  7. I gazed wistfully at the lillies at woollies the other day - on sale but unopened buds no less! But being in the ute, with all seats filled with bums, I decided it wouldn't have been a wise purchase....

    That was a reckless move, painting your bedroom wall/s. It normally takes me weeks and weeks to build up to such an endeavour, with all of the stars being aligned for it to take place (very much similar to cleaning walls and windows to be honest!)

  8. That sounds like a nice Sunday and with the cooler evenings (must be by the winter pjs at breakfast) an evening fire would be nice and toasting marshmallows, a great plan kids.

  9. Love those selfies. I swear that child grows more beautiful each time I see a photo. Your wholesome breakfast reminds me of when my children were young, I didn't know anyone ate like that anymore. And marshmallows - yes, please.

  10. Sounds like a super day and your photos are gorgeous.



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