Wednesday, 14 May 2014

This Past Week

Mother's Day came and went in the rush that seems to be 2014.

There were special coffees ... made by special baristas.

And a thirty-pack of Ferrero-Rochers (hidden behind the cordial maker).
Which when divided by six doesn't seem so bad at all.

And seemed a perfect match for the mudcrab as provided by Grandad.

Smoko on the verandah a pleasant break from the post-splitting that filled the day.

New fence posts dotting the scenery every which way you turn.  Strainers will go in this weekend and hopefully wire will start to be run.

Mulch has been spread,

yet still a mountainous pile remains,

which will need to be relocated.

Fortunately the workforce are well-nourished.


  1. Well your meals must be plate licking good! It sounds like you are very busy. I agree the year is flying by, can it just slow down already.

  2. That past week reads and looks as productive as always. Bumped into a couple of gorgeous girls with their Grandma on Wednesday, they had big smiles on their faces xx

  3. At least the workforce cleans as they go. Must have been a good meal.

  4. no ceremony at your place obviously, with the plate licking and eating on the lounge, just the way the kids like it here too!!

    I was looking at a fancy "pod" coffee maker yesterday, pleaded with husband (it was on SALE!) but he couldn't see the need...perhaps he was right, I can settle for instant for my one coffee a day, if its too nice, I will drink far too much of it.

    That verandah looks terribly inviting, was the Big Fella catching up on his blog reading?!

    Your garden looks lovely. I happen to know that mulch piles break down terribly well if left neglected and turn into more organic rich sort of mulch/soil conditioner, especially if an old bale of hay is dumped on top.
    Do not ask how I know these things.



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