Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Rag Quilt

Having been speaking regularly with our local shopkeeper about her patchworking prowess, I decided to bite the bullet and tackle a little project of my own.  That adorable baby boy pictured in an earlier post will find himself wrapped in this little number very soon.

Having never heard of a 'rag' quilt before, it was only through some googling that I decided it a nice easy beginner option (the tutorial I found here).

Of course the navy, red and white theme I'd hoped to adopt was soon forgotten when Spotlight could only offer pastels in the flannel fabric that I wanted.  The quilt consists of three layers of fabric, various patterned pieces for the top, a middle invisible layer (I used white), and the backing, which I used the bright stripe for.  Of course the back could also be done with the multiple patterns, though there will be no ruffles.

Cut strips of flannelette at various widths (following the above tutorial I chose a combination of 3, 4 and 5 inch widths).

Pieces are laid together in the three layers, backing on the bottom (wrong side up), then the white and the patterned piece on top.

Sew a line directly down the middle of each 'bundle' of fabric.

 Pieces are then laid out in the pattern you would like for your finished quilt.

And stitched together, with 1 centimetre seams facing the top.

In hindsight, the striped fabric for the back wasn't the best idea.  Next time I'd go with a plain backing.  I had also bought enough patterned fabric to make a binding around the edge of the quilt, but instead decided to stitch around the perimeter of the entire quilt one centimetre from the edge which would then be clipped and also ruffled.

Then it's simply a matter of clipping every seam.  This takes for...ever.

Then into the washing machine and drier and let the magic happen.

The lint filter on both appliances may never be the same again.  I washed a second time, but fear there may be fluff coming off that thing for decades to come.

Enjoy baby Reid.


  1. This is the most adorable baby quilt I have ever seen. The wee animals are just so cute, and so are the scooters. I like the ruffles, too. I am going to look at this tutorial. I wonder if any of my friends are pregnant so I have an excuse to make a little quilt? I am always surprised about the amount of lint in our drier, it is surprising that there is anything left of our clothes actually. Have a lovely weekend Fiona. xx

  2. Oh how cute. I have seen this style of quilt around the ridges but never made one. Yours looks great. As to driers and lint, I have to clean mine out EVERY SINGLE LOAD. I am surprised I even have anything left of clothes after they have been through it.

  3. geez can I have just a dash of your motivation and creativity. can hardly even make a blog post. Sigh.

    Love the quilt! one lucky, cosy little baby boy. I have seen these about but never tried, my blanket box overflowing with crocheted blankets and lap quilts already.

  4. This is beautiful Fiona! I'm going to add this tutorial to my overflowing todo list that is filed neatly under the "craft aspirations" tab. Trouble is, these things make me clucky all over again and if I go down that path I'll never get to the 'craft' list (or be very old when I do!!)
    You're a super talented woman xx

  5. Fiona you're a bit of a whiz on the sewing machine. This quilt is lovely. x

  6. Well done, what a lovely simple quilt, I have been making big quilts for years and never looked into doing one of these...Wow...10 times easier than I thought, it would make up soooo quickly, except for the clipping
    Will give it a try, after the fun of getting more fabric.

  7. That quilt looks fab and this way of joining looks so much better than battling with an enormous backing layer. Going to bookmark this idea for one day ...

  8. Fabulous Fiona! Fiends of mine have just had twin boys, so I think this is what I'll make for Steele and Jack!



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