Tuesday, 3 June 2014

And Pork's back on the Menu

Matthew and I had the pleasure of attending Springsure Show at the end of last week, Matthew judging the commercial cattle and me the stud cattle.  It's a rather testing task, like so many other things, so much easier from the sidelines.  These small agricultural shows though certainly know how to roll out the red carpet and we really enjoyed our couple of days away from home.

Back home Sunday we rolled a couple of fat Berkshire barrows.

And in the days since there's  been plenty to do, making use of all that beautiful pork.

Chops trimmed and bagged,

shoulders cut into roasts,

hams and bacon pumped

and settled into brine in the cold room where it will stay for close to two weeks before being smoked.

Not all pork is created equal.  There's pork ... and there's Berkshire Pork.


  1. ooh yum. Let me know when to come down for sunday roast!

  2. Looks good and a great thing to have stored away. I'm sure it will taste wonderful - though I don't know whether it will be quite as tasty as Gloucestershire Old Spots pork. Not that I'm in any way biased:)

  3. Doesn't get fresher than that! It looks incredible. Is it all for your deep freezer or do you sell it too Fiona? x

  4. Oh that looks like it will be tasty!

  5. Ahh, yes, I have home grown pork in the freezer at the moment, too. Can't be beat! What would we do without old bath tubs?

  6. As far as I'm concerned it comes in packs from the supermarket, so it's interesting to see the back story.



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