Sunday, 8 June 2014

Another Day, Another Show

A bleak, cool Sunday was much improved by a trip to a beachside show.

Apparently even better when started with a trip to Maccas for brekky.  Apparently.
Admittedly probably the cheapest way to feed the crew and the coffee is more than acceptable.

Dad had a judging role to fill.

The girls managed to either beg, borrow or steal some cattle to enter the Junior Parading competition.

Yesterday we called into Rockhampton Show.  Dad had an announcing job and we were keen to see the steers judged as the hoof component of the CQ Carcase Classic 'hoof and hook' class.

But mainly I wanted to catch up with this little tyke.

Definitely Grand Champion for me.


  1. How clever of the girls to grab someone else's cattle!

  2. How very clever your girls are! I just love the pretty blouses they often wear. My own girl only wears boring old T-shirts.

  3. Fun! Always a novelty going to Maccas isn't it ;)
    Adorable baby, made my ovaries ache for a moment!

  4. looks like the mature, distinguished look is here to stay?

    I see the shirts are still going strong and looking good too! Don't tell me Sal has grown out of hers already?! Biggest girl here can no longer button up her Cruel Girl jeans nor a good number of others either - and there seems to be a gap in the hand me down pile! (dear lord am I going to have to actually BUY some?!!)

    oh that wee little baby....did you cluck much?

  5. ps macca's. Inwardly curse every time we go there, but the wallet sighs one of relief. There could be worser places to eat I spose, and I have to say I don't actually mind their wraps.



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