Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dags & Snags

In the absence of the big fella, Jess and I made Garlic Pork Sausages yesterday.

Naturally the dress code's all important for my butchering offsider.

The easy part is pushing the mince into the sausage skins resulting in one exceptionally long twelve kilo sausage.

And with the laptop brought to the shed and Professor Google on hand, we were gleefully linking snags in no time.

And the reason I look so smug ...

... is because I was.

If only I'd googled plate hanging.


  1. Oh wow, those sausages look good. Great work linking them, that is a good skill for sure. The kids on the station were learning how to do it when I was there and boss man R did it with speed. What a pretty plate ... Glue?

  2. oh no, not the pretty plates.

    You should look smug too. I've been shown once (its easy! its like crocheting! but HEY I CAN"T CROCHET EITHER! ) by my left handed MIL. I fear its not a task that belongs in my skillset however found myself doing a ripper job separating and bundling up the bunches (four to a bag). We make skinny sausages. The sausage making itself appears to be somewhat of a dangerous sport, with two quick hands required - one on the compressor end and the other on the receiving end. Have heard some wild tales from when they perfected this new home made contraption so stand well clear with a wary eye on proceedings!

  3. I quite fancy a link or two of those sausages, they look amazing, just the right size for my taste. My husband and oldest have sometimes make sausages but they don't even attempt to make links. I suppose they just make enough for one sitting, not very efficient I know. You look amazing on this photo Fiona. I hope you have treated yourself to a feast of fresh sausages on the BBQ. x

  4. you did fantastic.........congrats............

  5. Well done you two. Those snags look great. x

  6. well done! you're too clever just making your own snags!



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