Monday, 16 June 2014


Fifteen years ago today, a little ray of sunshine came into our lives,

a little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.

(Now try and get that song out of your head).

With Sare back to school this morning, we enjoyed our birthday celebrations last night.  We do love a birthday in these parts.

Home grown pork ribs smothered in a tequila barbecue sauce,

followed by ice cream cake, this time based on mint ice-cream (as chosen by the birthday girl) and containing crushed Tim Tams, marshmallows, meringues and choc fudge sauce.

Who quit sugar???

A very early rise this morning to open presents.
Jess tells me she's conspiring to start a full dining room rendition of 'Happy Birthday' at dinner tonight.
It's great having a sister at boarding school with you.


  1. What a gorgeous family! Happy Birthday to a very grown up girl. I bet you are finding it hard to believe you have a 15yr old. That looks like a great birthday dinner and the cake, oh wow what sugar hit. Remind me to request one for my next birthday ;) I hope she feels super special at school tonight.

  2. Happy Birthday to Sarah, a beautiful young woman!

  3. Happy 15th Birthday to your beautiful Sarah. I've loved watching her grow up over the past few years through your lovely photos and words Fiona :-) Mel x

  4. Time goes by so quickly!! Your birthday girl --well hell! All of your children are beautiful. Wish Sarah a Happy 15th from Alberta Canada.

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah, what an awesome cake, will have to try that one, 15 now, that came along pretty fast, soon you will be asking for the Learner Drivers handbook, so you have all the questions well sorted and ready for your P plates as soon as possible.

  6. you know, I was thinking how grown up and bewdiful she was....and then comes up the photo of her in plaits and dressing gown and opening pressies....and suddenly she's not so grown up after all, she's still your biggest little girl.

    That cake is not so much a cake but a mouthwatering vision of delightfulness. And sugar. So much d e l i c i o u s sugary goodness. The strawberries. The marashmallows. The everything.

    Sadly I do not think this helps my lack of cake inspiration at all for upcoming birthday celebrations, as ice cream cake getting even the short distance to school would not end prettily.

    1. Sharon, what i want to know is, what about the cane farmers if you all stop eating sugar???

    2. you need not worry about me not eating sugar Old Nev, continuing to support the sugar cane industry out here! ;-)

    3. Me too, I quit sugar last friday and this weekend I've only eaten one block of chocolate and half a pack of jelly lollies. Going strong!

  7. Birthdays are about the special people in our lives and should be celebrated to the fullest. Ribs and ice-cream cake, a girl after my own heart.

  8. What a wonderful birthday celebration! I know she had a very special day.



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