Saturday, 21 June 2014

Good Sports

Sporting prowess isn't a genetic trait that Matthew and I were able to pass on to our children.  What does constantly amaze me about these kids though is their enjoyment of all things active and their willingness to "have a go", regardless of competition, winnings or even what sporting event it is.

I remind these kids constantly that sporting ability is no different to singing ability, spelling ability or even model-like good looks.  It's all a genetic lucky dip that some have the good fortune to score better at than others, but which does not make any person any more important than any other.  Just different.  State of Origin football players aren't courageous, members of the Australian cricket team aren't heroes and Miley Cyrus ain't no role-model.

So I was genuinely surprised when these two brought home age-champion trophies from yesterday's district athletics carnival.  Admittedly a small affair, but we're happy to enjoy being big frogs in little ponds for the moment.

Our already small school has taken a hit recently with two larger families moving on.  Currently sitting at twenty-two, with the introduction of Year 7 to secondary school next year we'll lose two year levels at the end of this year and move down to fifteen.

Our school hosts this athletics carnival each year and therefore our P & C caters for the event.  Not a hard job and the canteen boasts the best vantage point for full oval viewing.

We've only one more week until school holidays.  Sarah has effectively finished for the term, though heads back to town next week for Year Ten Work Experience, Jessie's holidays begin Wednesday and the two littlies Friday.  Pretty much a logistical nightmare.


  1. yikes, you're going to have a fun week driving!
    Where's Sarah doing work experience?
    Two kids here came home with trophies too, however the competition is not great so more emphasis is placed on effort and participation. The other child that came home with sportsmanship medallion is quite rightly very proud and pleased with that award.
    Your school oval seems to be set in quite the picturesque spot.... I think we drop to five kids next year with the loss of year seven, but gain two littlies the year after which will hold at seven for two years....

    1. 5 kids…holy moly…is homeschooling an option?

  2. I have a feeling your children's attitude is all because of their parent. I just decided maybe I should move there ... small school, very pretty area ... etc, etc. Enjoy the holidays.

  3. Great job Wallace & Sally!
    Seems this week was the week for sports days everywhere .... hope the left hand talks to the right hand next year so we can join in again.

  4. Well done to the children, I'm sure their awards were well earned. I do love the photo of the school march past, the blue of their sports uniforms makes a lovely contrast.



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