Thursday, 26 June 2014

One's Home ... but not for Long.

I have one girl home with me today, fresh from the confines of boarding school.

Sarah is reveling in her work experience stint at a veterinary surgery in town.  Her enthusiasm music to a mother's ears and tales of corgis, cats and caesareans enjoyed by all her animal-enthusiast siblings.

Jess is our only one heading into the Junior Beef Show next week and packing has commenced.

The other three are quite unconcerned, looking forward to time at home and hopeful that we may commence training on some weaners coming off this weekend.

Jess can camp in the cold, rise in the dark and smell like a cow.
And though I've no issue with the latter two, I do like my warm bed.

1 comment:

  1. the two big girls are having quite the adventures, work experience sounds like fun! Jess will no doubt have a ball as well, when you're young the inconvenience of swag camping isn't nearly as unattractive as when you are a bit older...

    right now, my adventure is fixing the BROKEN SHOWER HEAD....dear lord



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