Sunday, 15 June 2014

Race Day

Yesterday was our annual girls get-together at the races.  A time for swapping t-boots for heels and workhats for fascinators.

Or as my dear friend Sharon likes to tell it, the annual 'girls on the turps' outing.

There were some amongst us who weren't keen on my leaving.

Some more troublesome than others.

But leave I did,

and a grand day was had by all.

Home today to assist with ham and bacon smoking and prepare for a very special girl's fifteenth birthday tomorrow.


  1. I hope you enjoyed a great girls day out. Looking great!

  2. holy smokes, no wonder The Big Fella wasn't willing to let you out unattended, looking VERY smashing I must say! Love the hair do, one minute sleek and straight and the next a little bit sassy and wavy. Also very much admiring of those shoes on the end of the sensational pins too.

    Hope it wasn't as cold down there as it was here. Racing yesterday would have called from some serious winter fashion that is for sure.

    Happy Birthday to the biggest girl, I hope mum didn't get on the turps too much to not whip up some marvellous birthday cake creation. (must be about time you inspired us again surely!)

    1. They certainly are seriously hot pins. Mine resemble thimbles more.

    2. that tune "feeling hot hot hot" comes to find. Very sassy x

  3. Stunning Fiona! You look absolutely gorgeous...and I agree with Sharon, no wonder he didn't want to let you out of his sight ;) Happy birthday to your sweet fifteen year old xx

  4. You look fabulous Fiona. I am glad you had a good time with your friends. x

  5. You look sensational!!! That's quite a gathering, bet you all had a ball x

  6. Gosh, you deserve some me-time! Looks like a fun day out.

  7. You look absolutely gorgeous Fiona! Hope you ladies had a lovely time.



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