Thursday, 5 June 2014

She's the Baby

While Buttercup and Poppy bellow from the calf pen that it just isn't fair, sweet baby Blossom kicks and frolics with the mama cows.  For she's far too little to be locked up at night, her mama not required yet in the milking plant.
And Buttercup and Poppy sound just like Sarah and Jess talking about Sally.
Shoosh girls I say, she's the baby.


  1. Oh blossom is gorgeous, can I take her home? Okay maybe not. She would outgrow our yard very fast.

  2. :) Now that just isn't fair at all!

  3. I'm the middle child…say no more!
    It's nice to catch up on all your shenanigans Fi….you've been a busy chook.
    I wish I could don some denims and boots and kick up some dirt,this school frolicking is a bit hard to swallow x



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