Sunday, 22 June 2014

Some Snapshots from This Week

Hungry, gorgeous piggies waiting for dinner.

Vege seedlings surviving ....

.... after installation of the 'rabbit-proof fence'.  Note the Chilli Spray still hanging on the fence.  Apparently our rabbits love hot'n'spicy.

Mandarins being enjoyed during afternoon chores.

The big fella's been busy with grid construction/installation.

Bacon has been sliced, bagged and frozen.

The annual District Athletics Carnival pre-catering scene.

Though I will only buy 'reduced' flowers, they last weeks and add warmth to any room.

We've had an extra this weekend, a beautiful young friend of Jessie's who has fit in so well I'm struggling to tell her apart from our own crew.

Crunchy granola sitting on the kitchen bench and being enjoyed by the handful.

Home grown ham with crusty bread.

The pre-painting prep has begun ...

meaning everything in the vicinity of this little white house now resembles a Winter Wonderland.

 And Roast Pork for this evening's dinner.

And just in case you're wondering ... Yes, we are beef producers.


  1. Haha love that comment about being beef producers. I am envying the pork ... ham, roast pork, bacon ... yum! Is it still going to be a white house or will there be some colour changes?

  2. Oh yum... Ham and crusty bread.
    Am sure Sarah's mate will be one you'll have as part of your family for years to come

  3. And oh!!!! The kitchen!! It looks great.

  4. Beef producers with a side of crackling.
    Great pics x

  5. I'm not a great meat eater really (maybe I would be if it was home-grown!) but that ham looks truly delicious. Making the sandwiches reminds me of my grandma and aunts catering for the village cricket team.

  6. What colour are you painting the house? Love the kitchen, too! I wish I could say I love the ham/pork pictures but I've not eaten it since I witnessed a pig being slaughtered at a friends home when I was nine years old. You wouldn't believe I was a farmers daughter ;) I eat bacon though. Weird.

  7. Amazing pictures. Can't wait to read and see more about the house getting painted! What a big job though. That ham looks amazing... that's coming from a vegetarian!



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