Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Winter Weaning

School holidays are well underway with a series of dark-thirty starts to keep the troops appreciating their education.  Weaning at Bottle Tree commenced over the weekend and much backing and forthing has since transpired, with feeding and working weaners on the daily checklist.

Cheeky out of season calves seem to appear every Winter reminding us that fences are no match for amorous bulls.

Grandad's pesky mountain cows, who can sometimes take a little persuasive encouragement to come to the yards were most capably returned to their paddock by the kid team having had weaners removed.

Two days later we were greeted by them back at the yards, bellowing for babies.

Looks like some more fencing and mustering on the agenda in coming days.

Mother Nature has been reminding us that Winter can in fact be experienced in the tropics,

this face indicating that perhaps a vest wasn't enough warmth on this frosty morning.


  1. Fabulous views across the treetops; what a wonderful place to work.
    There I was thinking how sunny it looked with you all still in shirt sleeves, despite it being winter, then up comes the 0C. We'd be wearing several layers in that cold - you must be tough.

  2. I had no idea it can get so cold in your parts of the world! I always love seeing your photos, I have come to love cows since I have been visiting here. x

  3. Loving the photos. What naughty cows, fencing to be done now I am sure. What cute babies and well the bulls, I guess nothing can stop them sometimes. Zero, wow that is a bit chilly. I recorded 14 in my car at 11:30pm at just the right place, further up the road it was 16. I do miss the proper winters though. Keep warm.

  4. Here I was, about to post pics of my lovely little weaners, then I caught sight of yours. Perhaps I will keep my little (being operative word) weaners to myself... ;-)

    When you're a kid there's nothing more exciting than the thought of mustering a cow that doesn't really want to be mustered....when you're a grown up, there's nothing more exciting than a trouble free mustering experience. Unless you are at some one else's place and you are armed with camera and no responsibility, and then the bucking horse or escapee cow with horse in hot pursuit are great entertainment and photographic opportunity!

    There's been a general scramble for coats and jackets here too, with much layering. One poor kid with sore and cracked knuckles from riding on a cold morning, sent to bed in tears as the liberally applied cream stung her poor hands.

    Hopefully the cold winter means a good summer wet season? Surely its A SIGN!

    1. Cold Winter, wet Summer ... sounds like a SIGN to me Sharon.

  5. "...a series of dark-thirty starts to keep the troops appreciating their education"
    Love it!!!
    never a dull moment, only wish there was more yard work around here to keep my troops out of their digs x



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