Friday, 11 July 2014

Another Day Out

Sal appointed herself chief photographer yesterday as we headed to Bottle Tree to preg-test  heifers.

Heifers who should have been empty, but sometimes pesky bulls alter the outcome.  Fortuitously only five pregnancies were detected, with the empties all destined for the feedlot this weekend.  

 Part of Operation El-Nino.

My team fought from the moment we left home until their heads hit their pillows.

It isn't all sunshine and butterflies here people.

Daytrips to Bottle Tree aren't a picnic, five hours of travelling a recipe for sibling disharmony.

We thought we were going very well, having finished the job early.  A check of the notebook revealed we were nine heifers short, resulting in much time spent re-mustering the paddock.

The cheeky devils were found and yarded.
Today we're home for the first time these holidays.  Bags are being packed for 'back to school'.


  1. Sounds like end of school holidays with siblings arguing constantly. I am pretty sure we used to get like that, all we wanted was to go back to school but after the first day back we were ready for holidays again. Nice to see Sally's perspective on things, very creative with those boot and shadow photos. Nice work with the preg testing. I have watched but never done although I wouldn't mind giving it a go, strange I know. It is sad to here you are having to send many away but good that you are planning and preparing. At least it was only 5 heifers in calf rather than the whole paddock but I am sure I am pointing out the obvious there. Love seeing what you've been up to.

  2. I tell you that look Jess is giving Sarah speaks volumes. Nothing like a bit of sibling disharmony to really make the day FANTASTIC.

    You are looking very clean shirted for someone at the business end of preg testing. BIL, who admittedly does quite a lot of it, dons an apron to keep the poo at bay (ish). And even gumboots. You may be better at avoiding it than him however.

    I dunno about you fellas, but it feels very much like we are rolling up our sleeves, gritting our teeth and squinting through the dust towards the end of the year, which is a very long five months ahead. Rapidly made and just as quickly changing plans are being shaped and pulled apart here as well. Onwards, ever onwards, we march.

  3. I can't believe the school holidays are over. My holidays have been filled with sibling rivalry and disharmony. I could have shoved my arm up a cow's behind just to relieve some tension!!

  4. The school holidays are just beginning here; but the sibling disharmony has already started!

  5. Heifers and agistment paddocks don't go well. Both our mobs of heifers managed to attract big fellas over fences..... Thats life I guess. With lots of weaning and travelling and weaning and complaining we are not looking forward to school already next week. Although perhaps a bit of regularity may bring us back to a semblance of normality (whatever that may be next week)

  6. Sal, what ripper photos you clever chook!
    please please please can I send my kids to you next holidays, I promise to send food, clean clothes and strick instructions to learn everything farm-life. Real-life.
    There would be no more bickering, they will all entertain each other!!!
    They're yours if you want them x



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