Sunday, 27 July 2014

Some Snaps from the Week Gone by

Potted Geraniums ... to take one's mind off the brown lawn thanks to Jack Frost's recent visits.
First time in our eleven years of occupation.

Blueberries ... part of a Blueberry/Oat Slice ... surprisingly healthy yet still edible by children.

Parsley thriving in the garden.
In fact I'm a dab hand at growing herbs/veges we rarely eat.
Egg plant anyone?

The lead-up to the Carcase Comp dinner ... checking results ... too much pressure.

The Dinner.

A different dinner.

Dad gave Wal a haircut ... a little fun at intermission.

Molasses back on the bovine menu.

Steers haltered and ready for the next phase of training.

We've left Harry Potter behind, Ranger's Apprentice is currently on the bookshelf.

Child labour being utilised in the pre-painting saga prep.
Allowing me time to spend countless hours choosing a suitable paint colour.
Dulux Milton Moon currently leading the race.

Hopefully this week we'll commence painting.
Stay tuned.


  1. Very pretty geraniums. A least frost means there is moisture in the air, I know down at my parents the frosts haven't been near as good as they should have been due to lack of moisture. I hope you get the green back soon. Parsley, would love some. My plants, yes I have many of them in various places, don't grow that well. Egg plant, yes please, love it! Do you eat much of it? I always slice and coat in a bit of salt, cover and leave, then rinse before cooking, not that we have it much. Not good to see that molasses is back on the menu but I love seeing your next bovine champs. Seems like a good use of children to me and a good lesson for said child in power tool use. Hope all is well. Keep looking at the bright side.

  2. Eggplant grows like a weed here too Fiona, and no matter which way I cook I wonder why I bothered! I'm a geranium fan too, have one at the schoolroom door which brightens the mood ;) Did Wallace have any revenge doing Dad's hair?

  3. The choice of colour is an essential part of painting and must not be rushed :)

  4. Child labour ... isn't that why we have kids?! ;)

    I'd love some eggplant and parsley, you must have a great green thumb! Would also be interested in seeing your blueberry oat slice recipe as I've just bought an insane amount of blueberries on sale!

  5. trying to figure out how I might get a cutting of each geranium from CQ to NWQ. Not successful thus far in figuring that out!

    Molasses...messy sticky stuff, I step even within feet of the stuff and its all over me. thankfully it washes off OK.

    I envy you not the sanding...nor the paint choice. Thankfully I did not have to choose any as the cladding and guttering decided it for me. Phew. Who knew there were so many shades of white and cream....

  6. ps I was rather hoping the hair do survived the day out and went to school. That is one close crop otherwise?!!!

  7. Wonderful photos. Your life is certainly never dull. I love weatherboarded houses - but I'd hate all that sanding. Glad you have some helpers - blueberry slice as a reward?



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