Monday, 14 July 2014

The Magnificent Seven

We generally sell our steers as weaners straight off Mum.  But with kids keen as mustard to do some cattle-showing, we managed to side-gate a few little fellas who have now come home.

Sal has spent every spare moment at the yards with these boys, in particular her special charge Victor.

Who is absolutely basking in the attention warranted a show steer.

The final showing for these boys will be as part of next year's Hoof/Hook competition.
Though we're keeping that a little quiet for the moment.


  1. Showing cattle takes me back to my childhood:)

  2. a little pretty sure the kids realise what's up, but has been pushed firmly to the back of their minds for now. Like Georgie, who was a bit down about the fact that at different times a poddy and the pig were in the freezer. But reflectively, eating dinner...geez Bernie tastes good.

    I think Sally has made a good choice, the angus calves have such a quiet temperament. But holy smokes your advice about needing to buy a coil of wire and a new set of strainers alongside with them wasn't far wrong. I hope Victor does not learn this bad little habit (but with the attention being showered upon him, I dare say the only place he will be escaping to is to be closer to his mistress!).
    I don't think I will show this to any of my kids. Having enough trouble keeping equine animals cared for let alone adding "brushing the calves" into the mix ;-)

  3. I am new to your blog and have just had a lovely nosey around. Great stuff. I grew up in New Zealand, but have unfortunately never been to Aussie. I am sure I will though, one day.



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