Monday, 18 August 2014

A Start

We weekended at Bottle Tree, the very last of the weaners to come off.  27 most welcome millimetres of rain fell during our stay, no complaints as oilskins and gumboots were donned.

Unfortunately, 27 mils of rain does little for dam levels, bore water now being pumped weekly.

We returned home to empty 28 millimetres from the guage at Rock Wallaby, a wonderful start to what will hopefully be a great season ahead.
Fingers are crossed.


  1. I hope the weather gods are with you and that you'll get plenty of rain. x

  2. Ugh rain love it!! we are in a 5 year drought I am really started to have some concern about our well. We will have the odd thunderstorm but water levels are so low they don't do anything. Hopefully we will have a wonderfully soggy winter!! I love the pictures you take ~Heather

  3. hey pumping water isn't so bad. Just ask Trevor. He has had to replace nearly every dodgy pipe fitting or vital expensive part over the past two years so now its running like a dream (fingers crossed). WINNING. Just don't ask him about the number of times he's somehow forgotten to fill up the diesel tank on the big engine.

    Can't believe how fast your children are growing up this year....

  4. I was tinkling of you during the week end rains here. Hopefully more will come your way very soon.
    Those are happy, healthy looking kids you have there!

  5. We won't wean here for a few more weeks. Glad to see you got yours done.
    Yay for rain! We, too, are praying for rain in Oklahoma, USA.



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