Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Cakes, Cows, Construction and Kookaburras

It hasn't been all sugar-free apple tea cake and coffee around here.

More's the pity.

My darling old Priscilla's feeling the affects of a cool, dry Winter and will have to have her calf weaned in the next week or two.

She's over twelve years old and may only have another calf or two in her I think.  For services to the team I'm going to let her frolic in green grass for the rest of her days.

I love my milkers.

Just as the big fella loves his dogs.

Though both of us are about over this fencing project.
It's going on longer than Blue Hills.

Though progress is starting to be seen.
Always funny to download photos that I didn't know were on my camera.
From memory, terse words may have been being spoken between the tractor driver and borer operator at this particular point in time.
Funny now.

I think these ones are looking forward to the next project as well.

Show steers have been tied up and are even leading a little.
They're a bunch of characters.

This old kookaburra enjoyed a bath under the sprinkler.
Sprinklers have been on high rotation with country fast drying off.

Painting's not going brilliantly ... but ladders and planks have arrived.
Hopefully big things to report next week!


  1. Definitely terse words! The set of the mouth says it all. How familiar.

  2. Good to see Wallace working with his tools.

  3. Well I dare say if all are very much over the fencing project that their are a few tense moments happening. I hope it is done and dusted soon. That kookaburra is gorgeous in its enjoyment of the sprinkler.

  4. That cake looks delicious! I love finding forgotten photos on my camera.

  5. I had to giggle at the tractor V chainsaw operator exchange, did think to myself that it was one of those special exchanges complete with lovingly cast glances. Pleased that the kids don't often get their hands on my camera. Our husband and wife team exchanges are often a lot more animated. And loud 'cause he's deaf and you REALLY want him to hear what you have to say ;-)

    Have been baby sitting neighbours milker and a new poddy. Old dear knows I am not her mistress but deigns to be fed the good stuff by me so I can put the weeist little calf you've seen on for a suck. I do cop a few tail slaps around the earhole when the feed runs out but thankfully she has not kicked me. Yet. Wee calf still alive and neighbour returns tonight.

    Is there a square acre of Rock Wallaby that will not be fenced? I note the Big Fella has shed the George Clooney look. Also, wondering if steel pickets are in short supply down there ;-)

  6. ps Wallace trying out some renovating on the trailer with his saw? surely the poor lad can find some timber to practise his skills on. You know, like the good length of quarter cut silky oak that's been lovingly stored in the shed for years waiting for a special project.

  7. Ugh fencing we have some fencing way back on the end of our list that we procrastinate over haha....We do need to get it done at some point. For us we have to get more of our land cleared and we do not own a tractor it is just terrible thick scrub brush most of it is dead and dry and we live in a high fire risk area so the more you can clear of it the better. I think I like the picture of apple cake the best it makes me think of relaxing rather than thinking of chores lol!! enjoyed your pictures ~Heather

  8. Fencing is a pain any time but it must be getting mighty tiresome with the amount you have to do. That cake looks delicious!



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