Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hermione & Ned

The kids enjoyed a character dress-up day last week.

Hermione's grey skirt was specially made for the occasion, though thankfully Wallace's initial desire to go as Gandalf the Grey was gently discouraged and a robe was therefore not required.  Though I did have to relinquish the bucket normally used for washing milker's teats prior to milking!


  1. What great little characters! You're a clever mama x

  2. PS. Rob just walked past computer and noticed Wallace's costume. Funnily enough, he needs a costume of sports camp next week and is now inspired/sorted. Thanks for that ;)

  3. wowsers - a full pleated skirt for the occasion?! Geez you are really giving the sewing machine a work out. (please send north for next years bike ride). Was there much swearing involved?!!

    I fear your milkers teat washing may never be the same again with that big HOLE now in the bucket, Wallace perhaps selecting a new one for you on the next trip to town?!

    Very authentic costumes. I am wondering how Ned Kelly will go on push bike....and I am really looking forward to seeing Rob in his outfit now!

  4. Great costumes Fiona and 100 points for Ned Kelly, that is one Character I have not seen this year during book week :-)



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