Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Permaculture Part II

Nearly four years ago, inspired by my friend Mare and her successes implementing a permaculture garden set-up following Linda Woodrow's book "The Permaculture Home Garden"

the kids and I created a dome to house our chooks.  That post appears here.  The main gist of the moveable chook pen as per my first post is  "The idea is to create a rotational complex of vegetable garden beds complete with nomadic chickens who do the work for you of digging, mulching, weeding and pest-controlling, in the process providing you with golden-yolked eggs and leaving behind them a fluffed up bed of nutrition in which to plant your vegetables". 

Supposedly light enough for one person to move between garden sites, the dome also proved light enough to easily allow pig infiltration.  With one pig invasion too many, the somewhat misshapen dome's final move saw it relocated to the dump.

My most obliging offsider, with some encouragement, then set about converting an old swing set into a new chook pen for me.

The rectangular pen easier to manoeuvre around the rectangular garden area.  And so it is that finally we are back in production.  Three garden beds currently planted out, with the chooks now working on Site 4 and possibly room for two more shifts, before it will be relocated back to Site 1.

 Chinese Cabbage
 Silver Beet
 Snow Peas
 Sugar Snap Peas
Baby Lettuce
 Rogue self-seeding Cherry Tomatoes
Golden Button Squash

With the installation of the rabbit-proof fence a couple of months back and that beautiful fall of rain over the weekend, things are looking up in the vege patch.

Keep at it girls.  We've corn to go in next shift.


  1. Wow that's an impressive yield of vegies! and I'm totally impressed with the swing idea!

  2. The chook tractor sure looks to be doing its job, just look at all those lush vegies.

  3. You've got a good working gang there. I can't get over how productive your winter garden is; it's looking very lush and healthy.

  4. That looks perfect! I love Linda's book, but I have been skeptical about the light weight chicken dome, great that you found a way to make it work for you :)

  5. Wow! There are so many beautiful vegies in you patch!

  6. Can't wait for it to warm up here (blue Mountains nsw) so we can get the veggie patch going again. You should post your chook yard on Dirt Girl World facebook page, they showcase clever ideas for chook yards almost every day!

  7. "My most obliging offsider, with some encouragement".... yeah I bet I know how that conversation went - over much period of time!

    Questions: so do you just lift up the pen and drag it along? how long do you leave it in each place? Do you add poop and hay for them to scratch in? old swing set here....and the arrival of some silkies that could become one sire little herds quite easily!

  8. and also how many chooks does this pen run normally? Do you let them out at all? (questions so many questions!)

  9. WOwser! You'd never think there was a drought going on up there! Ingenious recycling too!

  10. Vegie patch looks awesome. We've got a rogue animal that has taken a liking to sweet potato leaves and a rabbit proof fence seems to be no barrier. Frustrating!

  11. Wow that came out great! and yum those veggies look awesome. Ugh we have out of control rabbits here they are attracted to the hay from the horses ~Heather



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