Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey?

After this week's painting project, I'm eternally grateful I don't live in a high-blocked house.  Though truth be told, even this little old house, four steps off the ground, proved too high for my ground-clutching self.  The old adage of fifteen hands being as high off the ground as I like to be all too true.

Fortunately with some cajoling the big fella came to the rescue.

Yet another rather daunting hydraulics handling scenario.

Always useful for testing marital relations.

And so at this point in time, all high areas have been under-coated as well as receiving their final two top coats.  The kids have all but finished the first top coat all round, good progress indeed.

Hopefully the fully completed reveal will come by week's end.


  1. What a clever use of the hydraulic. Impressed with your children:) Well done kids

  2. Many hands make light work. It will look very smart when you've finished, I like the soft grey.

  3. The grey and white look is such a pretty one. Lucky you've got all those painters. x

  4. Love the grey! Great job team .....

  5. I'm not sure if I should show that photo to my husband, I haven't see him put a pallet on the forks yet, but he has climbed on some silly things for painting before (milk crate on a painting plank on 6 foot trestles because he couldn't quite reach), I don't want to give him any more ideas.... its looking good though!

  6. Health & Safety Fiona! No personnel cage or safety harness - good grief, you wouldn't dare post that picture in England or some official would be round in no time at all, clipboard in one hand and wagging their finger. Looks like the finished job is going to be super smart.

  7. whenever there has been a need for me to be in a bin or pallet on the forks of the tractor or forklift, husband thinks its highly amusing to lift it as high as it will possibly go. That doesn't win him any brownie points that is for sure as I can bet I love the ground level more than you do. (OHS is just a thing that happens when you think that someone is watching that may be a bit anal about these things!)

    That grey is looking great! Look forward to seeing the big reveal. The Block eat your heart out! Rock Wallaby is where its happening.



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