Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It goes On and On and On

I'm not sure what that song is, but it reminds me of this fencing project.

I've promised the kids a day at the beach when the never-ending saga is over.  The proviso being they have to watch me pant through a 10k run first.  Jess thinks she'll have a crack at the 5k and though Sarah too is back on the running bandwagon, she's taken it upon herself to keep an eye on the 'little kids'.  With only a month to go, there's still a whole lot of fencing left to complete, not to mention a whole lot of 'training'.

In a case of absolutely rotten timing, the few days Matthew chose to take off work were the same few days he succumbed to one of the most debilitating flus I've ever seen.  Having been through it myself the week prior, I mopped his brow and fetched his tea, just as I know he'd have done for me had he been around.  Testament to how sick he was, a Sunday doctor visit was necessary, possibly only the third in our near-nineteen years of marriage, those first two involving gaping wounds.

Fortunately those big girls were home for the weekend.  And though we left end assemblies, stays and gate hanging for the big fella, we did manage to pull a lot of wire.

Some progress at least.

And with Matthew's Mum arriving for a visit this evening, one really should be vacuuming .... not blogging!


  1. Hi Fiona, hope you and your husband are ok again and can finish the fencing! Had it myself and have never been that sick or for that long as well! Your kids are just great, always on the go and helping with all sorts of work, "chapeau" to you two as parents!

  2. you are not wrong that this fencing seems never ending, surely the place must be fenced into ten acre paddocks by now.

    I am today recovering from the loss of my voice and a mild but lingering case of man flu. The total failure of voice on Friday evening was received with joy by the kids, until they realised that mums whistle still worked very well. One can accomplish quite a lot with a dirty, frowny look and a hand signal I have found. Although answering the phone was given up as a bad joke. Hope the Big Fella makes a speedy recovering, indeed must have been dreadfully ill to need Dr's intervention instead of just whining about it. (or is that just what happens here?!! ...there weren't any cups of tea being fetched or brow mopping here but dinner was cooked one night for me)

    I like the wire straining/puller thing on the tractor. Not that I have done much fencing, funnily enough I always seem to have many previous long standing engagements when the topic arises ;-)

  3. At least it will be satisfying when you get to the end of the fencing and look back along it - unlike vacuuming.

  4. speedy recovery to your hubby ...the flu's going around are dreadful lately. The fence looks great!! I have been running as well...I think it is like a love hate thing. It feels good to accomplish a run but ugh sometimes it makes my body feel old and worn out haha and things hurt that shouldn't lol ~I am now feeling like I should be working on the fence here on my property as well...I think I will procrastinate a little longer on that project :) ~Heather

  5. It's the lambchop song! Ever so annoying!
    Hope the hubby is recovered. The girls look like they have the fencing covered though, such great workers!

  6. Wishing you all the best of luck to your family and hope your husband recovers quickly!



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