Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Spot of Sewing

Despite the fact that I should be ticking more pressing tasks off the list, I've had a definite hankering for sewing this past month.

Last night I completed these cushion covers, having had the fabric stashed for over a year.

During the holidays I made this dress for Sarah, pattern and fabric chosen by her.

I've also made myself a spotty dress, a patterned skirt and pair of sailor shorts.



  1. Groovy pattern on your chair and a pretty smart set of clothes you've rustled up there.

  2. Wow, that's some serious sewing! I wish I could find such beautiful fabric, particularly the seat cover fabric. Your daughters dress is very sophisticated. Cx

  3. Wow. You are such a skilful sewer. Love all these pieces.
    The cushion covers are very fitting for this warmer weather. x

  4. They all look great! Love the chair cushion fabric!

  5. not creative my left foot.

    I note you have properly fitted the chair cover whereas I took the easy route and just roughly boxed the corners at the top. I will be interested to find out if your cushions fully remove or are attached. The bit where the arms joined on was a bit tricky...

    LOVE all of the dressmaking! Noted the trendy sunglasses with the outfit, and I very much like the skirt and the shorts. Giggling at the creative photography and styling ;-) Nice legs on the old girl too.

    Tell me the secret of being creative. Mine has departed, left the building....perhaps rain is the key?!

  6. Wow! Very creative. Making me want to get my sewing on, but what to sew and that would also mean a trip to spotlight. Love that dress.

  7. Wow, that is some serious sewing on going on there Fiona! Love it all, you are so clever. And looking very svelte I should add :-)

  8. Very impressive! I cannot even cut in a straight line..... love the shorts!

  9. The chair, the dresses and especially that skirt are all gorgeous! You are amazing!



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