Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Victorian Weekend

Sadly, our weekend trip to Melbourne had nothing to do with the Caulfield Cup ... nor Lygon Street dining or Collins Street shopping.  And no, we weren't part of the 70,000 throng attending the Jehovah's Witnesses Convention in Victoria's capital. We did share a plane home with many though and being the less than confident flier I am, felt heartened that God's umbrella may have extended over all on the trip.

The reason for our southern sojourn was our involvement in an Angus embryo transfer program that extended over Saturday and Sunday.  Our good friend and E/T mentor Terry hosted us for the weekend and headed the team.

As the sun rose over the rolling green fields of Murdeduke, one and a half hours south-west of Melbourne in the Winchelsea district, we started flushing the twenty-five donors awaiting our attention.  191 embryos were transferred over the course of the weekend.  Sore arms, sore legs, sore eyes for all involved.

I wish there'd been more time for property-touring, only passing the homestead in the dark, both morning and evening.

Photo sourced from Murdeduke Agriculture

Our digs looked like this,

and overlooked the ram paddock.

Apparently the weather was very kind to us,

 though a heater was still necessary in my 'office'.  I was grateful that embryos don't like the cold either.

These are some prepared earlier.

Thirteen guns lined up ready to go.  In each is an Angus embryo just waiting for a new Mum.

The countryside is so vastly different from that we're used to up here.  And though they are in need of Spring rain, grass is still green and moisture can be felt underfoot.

These little blighters are dotted everywhere, something we don't see at home either.

We head back next month for more of the same, though I'm planning on spending a little downtime with my credit card in the city centre next visit.  The big fella can hardly wait.


  1. You're in demand. Do they call you 'the uterus whisperer'?

  2. 'The uterus whisperer' this made me giggle, what a title.
    I think you are more than entitled to a bit of shopping time on your next trip.

  3. This sounds like a interesting adventure! I hope the embryo transplants are all successful. I loved Melbourne and quite fancy a wee shopping trip there myself. x

  4. Haha, 'uterus whisperer' ... I was more the 'embryo singer' this trip!

  5. Well that's not too shabby fir a weekend cottage I spose.

    Hope you got some extra credit thrown in from the JW gang for the flights next time; hope you also asked them to have a chat re the wet season this year. (As clearly He can't hear us on account of all the dust !)

  6. That sounds like hard work. I think you need a little more romance next time, and a shopping trip!



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