Sunday, 5 October 2014

Never too Old

We've been soaking up every last minute of these school holidays.

It's nice to know they're not too old for a game of tiggy late on a Saturday afternoon.

Not too old to think sticking your boots on your knees is quite possibly the funniest discovery this Spring break.

Never too old old to enjoy a simple Saturday dinner of sausage rolls

and smoked pork sausages, thrown in with the hams and bacon.

Then again,

maybe some of us are feeling our age.


  1. And you know what, Fi? They probably never will tire of those games. My oldest is 50 in a couple of years and every time we all get together he still leads the games. No family event is complete without some energetic games. I have to admit that I can be a bit like the big fella though.

  2. Oh how trevor laughed when he saw that photo. He's quite partial to a nanna nap himself. Dunno how the kids have the energy after all of their house painting!

  3. Your girls are beautiful, they have really nice smiles,

  4. LOL - does your hubs read your blog as much as mine? (Which is intermittently).
    Love the expressions. Gorgeous kids.

  5. Hehe love the last sneaky shot ... who doesn't like a bit of an afternoon nap. Never to old for tiggy or any other game at that. Those sausage rolls look so good!

  6. Gorgeous! Love the shot of Dad. We still play games with the folks, admittedly not as energetic these days but a good old Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit battle still happens every visit x



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