Friday, 3 October 2014


September came and went in such a blur that I'm still trying to catch my breath.

My photo files indicate that much more happened than was actually recorded on this blog.  And in reality far more happened than was photographed.

In an effort to catch up though, here are a few snapshots of September:

We farewelled a beautiful young teacher from our small school, off on the next exciting adventure in her life.  She and her husband will be amazing parents.

There were Monte Carlos.

We attended a Brangus bull sale in the hope of bringing home a new team member.  Unfortunately budget restrictions and bull selections weren't in perfect harmony and we came home empty-handed.  Some paddock purchases since mean an Angus and two Brangus bulls are on their way though.  We're off to the "world's biggest bull sale" this coming week and again are hopeful of bringing home a new sire.

There was more fencing.

The house was prepped for a facelift.

Wallace and Sally headed off on a grand adventure to Canberra for school camp.  They had a wonderful time and I experienced a taste of what life will be like in two short years when these two youngsters are off to boarding school.  Bitter-sweet.

Someone learnt to milk.

Our small school hosted a soccer carnival on the last day of term.  Sarah and Jess had finished school the day before and so were able to attend.  As always, there was catering.

As well as plenty of on-field action.

With two large pigs put in the cold room, there was plenty of mincing and sausage-making.

As in, in excess of sixty kilos of sausages plus another thirty kilos of bagged mince.

This batch of sausages calling for eighteen chopped onions, led my able assistant to pull out the big guns.

Sare wound the sausage machine with complete focus and limited fuss.

And then of course there was the painting ... which unlike the fencing is done and dusted!

Great work team. Back to school next week for a rest.

Right October, hit us with your best shot.


  1. The goggle-wearing onion-prepper made me smile.
    Those Monte Carlos look delicious. x

  2. Gosh your life is busy! My kids always wear swimming goggles for chopping onions, it is so funny to watch! Good luck with the bull purchases. Cx

  3. haha love the googles it is shocking how a month can disappear isn't it!! I keep thinking I need to blog...I need to blog...oh look it's October and let me see what exactly happened in September it seems like a blur hahaha. Great catching up with you!! Happy October ~love Heather

  4. Good luck at Brahman week!! Great pics as always Fiona.

  5. I'll say one thing about the fencing infinite - it sure is picturesque in the sunsetting light with those timber posts.

  6. Busy, busy. Glad you managed to get some good shots of it all. Looking at the photos of dealing with pork makes me appreciate how easy it is for us to just take our pigs to the abattoir and get the butcher there to cut the pork.

  7. I love those biscuits. My Mum had a Woman's Day Cookbook that I learnt most of my cooking basics from as the eldest of nine and that recipe was a fast favourite!



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