Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Seachange

Not wishing our Texan visitor Alex to return to the States thinking Australia consisted of only flies, heat, dust and drought, yesterday we headed east.

Despite the usual rule of children only being granted absence from school in the presence of blood, fever, protruding bones or preferably a combination of all of the above, Wallace and Sally were yesterday granted leave.

After a hearty beachside breakfast, we travelled to Cooberrie Wildlife Sanctuary to take in some native Australian fauna ...

... and then back to the beach ...

It was a wonderful change of scenery. And a reminder of what beauty lies right on our doorstep.


  1. Ahhh now that looks like fun. Love the Emu and what a lovely peacock. Mr Sparky wants to own one, ugh, but then they are pretty. It looks like you made some furry friends there. Love the beach shots, actually love the beach. Hope you had as much fun as it looks.

  2. getting soft in your old age, I normally favour the same rules when it comes to school absences! Don't care how many pets a bush kid has, one always delights in hand feeding kangaroos and other super tame critters! (even tough old bush mothers appear to be enjoying close contact with the roos!)

    Gosh that Sally is a gorgeous kid. Trevor made remark to a friend who's daughter just turned 16, that he'd better get the shot gun out. Friend laughed and said, mate you've got TWO of em, you're going to have more problems than me!
    On that note...Big Fella better prepare himself ;-)

  3. What a lovely, happy post. It looks like you made some wonderful memories for your Texan friend! Penny L in Dorset U.K x

  4. Oh my goodness, I love to seesaw! What a great shot of the peacock. They are so beautiful!



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