Thursday, 27 November 2014

Babies, Babies Everywhere

A routine trip to Bottle Tree today to pump water and check dams.

Bulls put out last week to work look to have settled in nicely.  This fellow came home with us from the Brahman Week sales and just may be wondering where the grain feeder is hidden, though quite content to have a girlfriend today.

These little fellows dotting the landscape.  This, a special one we'd been waiting for.

His mum, a heifer shown by the kids last year and therefore a much more exciting delivery.

He's gorgeous.


But then ... aren't they all?

Don't worry babies, despite the doom and gloom currently being espoused by the Bureau of Meteorology, I'm sure you'll feel the wonder of rain upon your backs in a very short time.  Nan's cactus is flowering, which can only be a sign.

This cheeky old bull has gone out to work today as well.

But the most exciting news of all ...

I've a full house with my big girls home for the holidays.


  1. ITS A SIGN. Apparently mums cactus is also flowering. Me, I haven't seen anything that constitutes a sign in any shape or form.

    United nations of calves you have there, they are all looking quite sappy despite the dry looking landscape so the tucker must be still allright. Mums look pretty good too.

    I really feel like school should finish this week here as well...but we have one more l o n g week of lunch making to go. I don't want to hasten the end of the last week of primary school for the oldest but .....

  2. Your own babies being home must be the best of all.

  3. you calves look great considering the background so the cows must be hanging in well................I just want all of us to get some rain.........good soaking rain and run off rain to fill dams and then follow up..........several follow ups not just one..................

  4. oh and how much stuff can a girl take to boarding school........too might need to find a trailer.........enjoy your time with them............i have to wait a couple more weeks.........

  5. Woohoo! Enjoy having everyone home.
    Those calves are cuties in all their gangliness.
    Some wet season like weather has started here, Mr Sparky thinks it might be a good one. Lets hope he is right and that it stretches far and wide.

  6. Nice to stumble across your blog. I'm in Gippsland, Victoria, so looking real different here! We have sheep and a few cattle. Love the Brahams floppy ears!
    Cowgirl Dreams at

  7. You've got a good looking group of calves Fiona! Enjoy the time with all your "babies" at home for the holidays!

  8. Your cattle are beautiful and you capture outback life so well! Merry Christmas and happy holiday Fiona! x



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