Monday, 24 November 2014

I Love a Sunburnt Country ...

 ... said no grazier ... ever.

Australia is undeniably a harsh, dry country, though recent trips to Victoria have confirmed that Queensland is certainly moreso than the southern reaches.  And November, December are always hot and dry for us as we await the wet season.  We always hope to receive an early storm or two but their arrival certainly can't be relied upon.

Cows feeding calves at Bottle Tree are doing it a little tough, though in an attempt to create some space we were able to find a number of fat cows to offload over the weekend.  What is a real worry to us at the moment is water.  Last wet season's rainfall was well below average, and we ran absolutely no water into dams.  So now with a combination of shuffling and juggling we've moved all cattle off the Chabo mountain where dams are all but dry into a Bottle Tree paddock where they can water off a bore, in turn putting pressure on the limited grass that's there.

The mill in Back Bore Paddock needed some work before we moved cattle in.

Several new lengths of casing went down without too much in the way of marital disharmony on what was a scorching Summer's day.

We managed to convince the big fella that wearing a safety harness doesn't mean you're showing any signs of weakness or aging.  It just shows good sense.

It was nice to have a full crew on board for the weekend, the girls having spent more weekends in school this term than out.

Their efforts greatly appreciated, despite a few sibling hiccups along the way.  Temperatures in excess of 40 combined with a little stress can quite easily assist with hiccups.  

At 42 degrees when we headed off for lunch Saturday, I was grateful I'd thrown in an extra water bottle.  The twenty litres just saw us through the day.

The men folk measured dam levels in every paddock, unfortunately no great news anywhere.  Though it did make for some humorous photos.  I'll leave you with this little gem,

which hopefully I've cropped sufficiently to not get me in too much trouble.


  1. Bahaha I hope he had his jocks on, those bike seats can get verrry warm on a 42 degree day!!!

    Doesn't take any great temperature rise for sibling disharmony here :/

  2. Love it!! You should have got him to do a dance, we might be in for some rain then!!

  3. You've cropped it to so that he looks as though he's wearing nothing at all. Goodness!
    It looks a harsh landscape to work and I feel a little guilty that yesterday we moaned because it rained all day.

  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this year the dams will be filled up! Sibling hiccups are all to common in my house. I sometimes wonder where they hide their love for each other! Have a good week. x

  5. Humorous all right! I was too embarrassed to look closely but Rob assures me that is a boot placed very strategically!!
    I hope he did do a rain dance, but am also glad we don't have evidence on the blog ;)

  6. Must have been lovely to have that fresh young energy around despite the hiccuping :). Praying for lots of rain for you ...

  7. Reminds me to be thankful when it rains here, which it is doing... a lot! I really don't know how you cope outdoors in that heat. I have to lie down just thinking about it. I'm glad you had a little escape to cooler climes for a few days.

  8. Well he's got a hat and a boot on! Hilarious. And I do hope you get some rain soon. We are hoping for no rain as the strawberries go all mushy, if only all of Australia's rainfall went into a big central pool and was allocated according to need then I think we'd all be OK x

  9. selling some more breeders and you stock here too...............back to is sooooo over rated............the last 2 weekends have been disgusting.............45 one day...........OMG it's only November............

  10. Hi, I found your blog through Chookyblue ... I'm with her ... feeding is soooooo over rated.
    Let's hope we can all blog pics of puddles and green grass very very soon!

  11. I can't believe I missed this post, it is a cracker! That last pic of the hubby, well he is looking rather fancy free. I can only imagine the antics they got up to. Pulling a bore on a stinker of a day, I recall that. You did well to make it through without too much discord. The harness is a great idea, the first time I've seen one used in that kind of situation. The spanner in the back pocket seems to be the normal attire ... my step dad will tell you that it isn't the best placement of a tool for those below when that spanner exits the pocket and lands on a face. Maybe the harness needs a convenient tool belt as well. I like hearing about what you are doing. I hope storms come soon, wet ones that is.

  12. lovely to see you here again !



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