Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's a Sign

It may not be a sign of impending rain ...

but definitely one of change afoot.  Wallace and Sally assisted with hanging the 'For Sale' sign on the gate this past week.

I'm still struggling to comprehend that end of year is approaching, though Friday night's Presentation Night at the big girls' school was a definite sign.

Of course the little girl was a ring-in.  I'm missing those big girls terribly, they've only been home one weekend this term, and won't be home again until end of year.  Term 4's a busy one.  Luckily end of year for them is only two and a half short weeks away.

Our usual breakfast fare of bacon and eggs ...

... a sign we've no fear of saturated fat.

Waiting for Dad to turn up on the dozer.  A sure sign of boredom.

Flowering begonias.  A sign that at only $2 a pot from Bunnings, it doesn't matter if I kill them.

Now ... let's just hope for some signs of rain all over this dry state in weeks to come.


  1. Lovely to see those beautiful big girls of yours briefly on Friday Fiona. I firmly believe in signs x

  2. Oh what a change. I hope all goes smoothly with the sale. x

  3. Yes I keep looking for signs too, unfortunately I think they are pointing in the wrong direction.

    I think you could get a job moonlighting as a sign writer!!

    I must show you my terrarium that I bought ready made off a very talented

  4. Oops local lady. So far only one teeny plant within has expired and the other plants I have killed before are still surviving. So I bought some little pots of other exotics like

  5. ???? Darned phone!!! Like a delicate fern that normally goes leg up at the thought of heading west. I think rain water in a spray bottle is the key to success.
    Ps you are rocking the stripes mrs noakes!

  6. You look great in that dress Fiona!

  7. I meant to comment on this post................this is the other place isn't it not where you live...................
    Has my rain angel delivered yet?



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