Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oh Boy!

It's been a full weekend at Rock Wallaby ... and not all work-related.  But first and foremost in our minds this evening is that we are a family of three.

The big girls are in town at school and Wallace is also.  Experiencing the first of two nights of a transitional experience readying him (and Mum) for next year's boarding school adventure.

He is fortunate to have good friends from our small school also in attendance, as well as two older sisters.  Though boys and girls are located on different campuses there is comfort in the fact that we are aware of procedures, rules and are familiar with routines and staff members ... wonderful people that they are.

Of course Sal's main concern on arrival home was the fact that she was rostered on all chores.  I can see Mum's name having to be added to the list next year.

So I'm currently feeling a little fragile ... but also well aware that this is all part of the process.

Though I do wish we could stop time.


  1. well old girl (visions of a bony old brahman weaner bother boundary riding the yard perimeter bellowing mournfully for her big sappy calf) I have no doubt that Wallace has sailed through his orientation as confidently as my girl, and can't wait to go back. Helps somewhat. And as for the chore roster, Floss here has already worked out that the load will be dumped heavily on her lap and she is manfully trying her hardest to get her bludging con artist little brother to help. I reckon she's just the girl for the job as she has a annoying repetitive way of getting her way that has you saying yes to whatever just to get some peace.

    How do big tough rough and scary looking Dad's fare through this process? Perhaps Matthew might like to contribute...inquiring minds and all. One tough father in these parts is thinking he is going to be worse than the not so bony (in fact good doer dare I suggest?!) weaner mother here.

    Age 8 would be a great age to hold them at wouldn't it?!

  2. Time flies, children grow so fast. I can only imagine how strange it will be for you. I can see Sal's worry about getting lumped with all the chores :) small worries. My Mum must have felt the same as each of her children have flown the nest. Another will more than likely leave the nest at the beginning of the year having just finished school leaving her with just a family of 3 at home. It is so fortunate Wallace has had his sisters to pave the way a friends along for the ride. Don't let it get you down, enjoy your time together over the school holidays and cherish every moment you can.

  3. Its tough and I agree with Sharon "8" would be about perfect - willing capable and always wanting to please. Our 12 yo has decided to continue with DE next year (year 7) so I will have to keep feeding and washing (and cajoling and convincing that they need to learn their maths and writing) for a few more years.

    Hope you enjoy the "process" of watching them grow.

  4. The processes never stop, Fiona, although I admit some are much harder than others. My grandson is heading overseas soon and I find myself mentally screaming, "No, no. no." but my contribution to the process these days is to make the transition easier for my daughter. You have done such great groundwork with your kids I know all will go well with you and your kids.

  5. Argh Fiona, so hard but you are such a wonderful Mum so hope there's some solace in knowing you have prepared him well. How does Sal feel? If she is anything like my younger sisters she'll be ok - they were already rearranging my bedroom before I had even left home :-)

  6. I can just imagine how much Wallace is enjoying his 'dip your toe in' boarding experience. Andrew has his orientation in a few weeks time. Of course, he can't wait. Sob.

  7. My boy heads off for his 'trial' at the end of this month... my stomach drops just thinking about it. Most of the time I am fine with the idea, and know he'll thrive there with so many mates and so much opportunity. But the whole being-away-from-us thing? Yeah. Nah. Tough.

    Hope you got some rain... a couple of small falls here, but not widespread.

  8. Hugs to you sweet friend! Praying this transition goes smoothly for all of you.



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