Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Oh Melbourne Town ...

... I think I like you.

The big fella and I've just returned from a weekend in Melbourne.  With more cattle embryo work scheduled for yesterday (Monday) to the capital's west, we decided to take the weekend off and slink into the cooling embrace of the deep south.  

We took in the sites, shopped and ate well.

It was wonderful.

Of course we also worked.
A 4 am start (3 o'clock Queensland time) yesterday to flush eleven cows and transfer some eighty-something embryos.

A good day.
We left Victoria's glorious eleven degree morning to land straight back into forty degrees in sunny Central Queensland.

My favourite part of flying being the luxury of daytime reading.
Currently working my way through Ms Gillard's memoirs.
That Kevin certainly was a problem.


  1. I would quite happily move to Melbourne (I visited three times in 1997/8). I am glad you had a lovely time. x

  2. And the Big Fella didn't stand out in the Melbourne Crowds at all. I do hope you packed your stretchy strides for the trip home, looking at the wonderful array of food you seem to have found! (and that dress shop looked pretty good as well).

    I think that Kev was a problem to more than just Julia just quietly!

  3. I too, love Melbourne. Has been a while since we ventured that way apart from a stopover at the airport. It was about 2 babies ago!! It oozes culture and history and from memory the coffee is cheaper. I relish flight time for the very same reason ....

  4. looks like a great trip!! Fun to go to the city! looks like there is so much to see and do ~I am taking a trip with my hubby to New York City soon I am so looking forward to it ~it's nice to squeeze in a break from the regular day to day ~Heather



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