Tuesday, 11 November 2014

On This Day ...

Alex (our Texan visitor) and I headed to Bottle Tree to pump water.

On this day we found new calves littering every paddock.

On this day, we found dam intruders we'd rather not have,

though some preferable to others.

Which has of course set in action a whole new sequence of events.  Thankfully this old darling was able to get her feet back under her and was gently manoeuvred to safer ground.  We'll be back tomorrow to check she hasn't re-entered the danger zone as they're prone to do.

On this day,

we were a little dismayed to see this smoke action coming from the neighbour's hills, awfully close to our boundary.

On this day we farewelled an amazing old friend.

Goodbye darling Wahoo.  And thank you.

On this day nineteen years ago ...

I had no clue.


  1. Happy anniversary - I'm hoping if you'd had a clue you'd still have done it.

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a handsome couple. x

  3. Happy Anniversary. I wonder how many couples really do have a clue on their wedding day? You can be proud today of your achievements together. My heart aches for you guys in that drought! I just want to cry when I see that poor cow and the smoke rising in the hills.

  4. happy anniversary! (if any of us had a clue?!)

    I do hope old Wahoo has gone off to give another kid some great times, rather than the old long yard. We've farewelled a few old faithfuls that have lived out their days at mum and dad's - as its gotten progressively dryer he's gone for a quiet drive with the rifle and did the deed, as he judged the time being nigh. Being retired from the kids riding string and out of sight has made it a little easier although the heart still twinges.

    Lightning strikes or match happy neighbours burning the hills in anticipation of good rain?

    Guess you have a bit more fencing or pumping of water in your future. That old girl looks more like she's come from our place condition wise.

  5. ps wasn't the Big Fella a bit suave back in the day ;-)

  6. OMFG!! I can't believe that, that is you!! Wow! I wouldn't have recognised you! Love it... Sorry about the horse and the poor old dear in the dam. Least you had a helper, to help you get her out. Where was the wedding photo taken?

  7. Happy Anniversary from me and Old Di.

  8. Oh just look at you too - so gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!! Yep, we all had no clue :-) Gee Wallace looks like his Dad, just a slightly fairer sorry about your beautiful horse x



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