Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Twelve (with blurry phone photos)

Does anyone know where my camera is???

My gorgeous third child and only boy turned twelve today.

As always there was cake.  This one nearly too good for us.  After a couple of years now of meagre sugar intake, we're all suffering from pains in the belly!

He's a good one this boy of mine.  I'm rather partial to him, and having witnessed the grief of the Hughes family today as they farewelled one of their boys, I'm feeling very fortunate this evening.  I'll try harder not to take any of these moments for granted.

Though admittedly was less than amused this morning when a small altercation between two left a rather large indent in a gyprock wall.

The two big girls are home.  One may have even been involved.

The Christmas tree is up ... and tonight we're baling hay.

Best rally the troops and burn off some of that sugar.


  1. He certainly is a good one, they all are. Happy birthday, young man.

  2. Oh Fiona your kids are growing up!

    Happy Birthday to your boy!

    Must be so lovely to have them all home.

  3. That cake looks absolutely decadent (and delicious). Definitely some sugar to burn. Sounds like you have a busy house and it must be so nice to have everyone home.

  4. Oh happy birthday Wallace. Twelve huh.

    That cake even looks like it might have been too good for me but it sure looks brilliant! very fancy and decadent. (however I think my favourite may have been one festooned with strawberries?) I want to have my birthdays at your place.

    Hope the baling in the hours of darkness went well. Do hope that the coffee supplies keep up today!

  5. Happy Birthday to Wallace. He's just older than my grand-daughter Georgia, a real time of growth and change. That cake looks almost too good for me, too. But I'd bravely give it a go. Have fun making hay. (And please, please may it rain for you soon.)

  6. Holy Cow! that cake looks amazing!! Happy 12th Birthday to Wallace ~Merry Christmas Love Heather

  7. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy Fiona. What a gem. I love watching your kids grow up. And amazing cake as always. Your blog banner is telling me I need to get cracking on the christmas front! x

  8. Happy Birthday to Wallace! I Your new header photos are great Fiona. I can't believe it's already almost Christmas.



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